NL_CL concerts series at iii

Hi all,

As announced by @j.reus, iii will be supporting a series of presentations from the NL_CL community for the next couple of years. :boom:

This means that we need to form a team to take the lead on this and produce the series. Who wants to be involved in this project, from the organizational point of view?

Let us know and then we can organize an online meeting with j.reus to dive into the details.

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Hey all, so a quick update on this… @RafaeleAndrade is a member of the iii workspace now, so she’s working there quite often and can be the on-site representative of NL_CL :slight_smile:

The most urgent thing to do now is to pick some dates for events next year. Can we meet before the end of this month?

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Yes, let’s meet online. For those who are interested in being part of this or having your voice heard I’m going to propose some dates for an online meeting. Probably 1 hour will be more enough.

iii nl_cl online meeting (1 hour)
  • Monday 23 nov 11hrs
  • Monday 23 nov 18hrs
  • Saturday 28 nov 11hrs

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Sadly none of these proposed dates work for me, but I would surely be interested to share ideas, and maybe help out with upcoming concerts.

It seems it doesnt work for a lot of ppl, since there are no votes. Shall we just discuss via the forum or signal? I would also like to help curate one of the concerts and invite some of the international live coders from the on-the-fly program.

I also know that Raphael Sousa also wants to be more involved so he can play a role here together with iii Rafa…

Spring 2021 would be good for me.

I have the feeling our NL_CL community is less actively reading the forum compared to last year. Maybe we should try the signal chat to arrange a meetup? I personally have more time available after 7 December.

I missed this thread. I end up just checking the thread where we schedule the meetups. I set up the email notifications for everything now.

I’m not in the signal chat. I imagine one of you would be able to add me. I’ll send you my phone number through some other media.

I’m reading the forum closely these days, but I’ll be in California until at least August 2021. I can make time to help organize these concerts if there might be some live online component to them. Otherwise I remain an enthusiastic signal-booster of them. :slight_smile: