NL_CL Livestream (@Eulerroom Equinox)

I am in for now !
Thanks @Timo !

Thank you Timo! Would be lovely to find a place where we could meet altogether. Some thoughts:

  • since it is a day time event we would need a “black box” space if we wanna do a live streaming of our projections;
  • otherwise we can all shared the same time slot / youtube URL streaming and participate remotely;

On that same day I have a meeting in Rotterdam at 14h which makes it a bit tight for me but depending which place we find I hope to make it IRL!

Some updates on this. It was possible to arrange a different timeslot. We now have a slot on Thursday 19 March from 20.00 till 22.00

So thanks to the change of time I don’t think this will be that necessary, but none-the-less I could actually see if we could host this event in the Black Box at the HKU in Utrecht. Only problem is that the HKU closes at 22.00, so not sure if this will actually work out. Other suggestions are welcome. I could also check with CCU to host it at the Havenloods (not sure about the internet-speed tho, but we have a decent PA and a big enough room).

For the rest, same questions stands:

  • Who would like to perform audio/visual/other?
  • Who has equipment helpful for this, such as a camera with direct HDMI out, a tripod, a laptop we can use for dedicated streaming, an hdmi mixer, anything we can get with zero-to-none budget would be great.

I can provide a small 8-channel mixer, an external soundcard

Ah okay true, with the new timings maybe it is a possibility to host it at Varia, no the ideas AV tech there but lets see what other suggestions come up. @eerieear would you know of other venues??

@Timo I would love to perform if possible and @JoChicau definitely, I will ask at V2, Worm/Ubik and perhaps MONO? But I think Varia would be great !

Hey all, SeeLab is also a possibility. We just installed a big
high-lumen beamer in the project space. But we could also set up
something in the common room of the attic studios.

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Hey there, Worm, V2, Quartair (DH) unavailable. I could talk to Mono as well but maybe Varia and SeeLab are 2 good options already. I am also asking around for Renick on 26-28 March

Okay, for me SeeLab and Varia wouldn’t be that ideal on a Thursday evening. My last option to be able to get home from both places is between 21.30-22.00. But if someone can offer me a place to sleep than it would be better.

The Havenloods in Utrecht is also available to host the livestream.

So based on the responses the performers so far are: @JoChicau, @j.reus, @eerieear and me. I think @RafaeleAndrade also wanted to perform if I recall correctly. Anyone else?

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Nice you guys! Its a dream team!

Represent! :star2:


~ would be a nice location! once we settle the details we could open up / share in other mailings lists / social media, and use it as an opportunity to have more people joining if they are curious?

Unfortunately, I have to skip this opportunity. This month got pretty busy :frowning:

Hi everyone ! Will it be Seelab or Varia or Utrecht then ? any news on this ?

I dont know about SenseLab @j.reus
In case of Varia [] yes it should be free on the eve of the 19th.
If each one brings there own equipment to the jam (like cables, laptops…), and ideally more projectors we can occupy different window blinds to project on that (there are five of them)! For the sound we would only use one speaker at the time.

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Hi! “Behind the scenes” I’ve been mailing with Jonathan to get things rolling. We’re having the meetup at Seelab in either the attic or the bar/common area.

I’m currently looking for a camera to borrow that can directly capture our performances and stream via a dedicated computer, so we don’t have to set up a stream on every computer with OBS. I believe we are also looking for a computer that can be used for streaming only.

For the sound i’ll bring a focusrite interface and Jonathan has a mixer that we can use to connect to speakers and route to interface.

As for performers, at the moment I believe the only ones who “signed up” are Joana, Sebastian, Jonathan and me. Anyone else? Should I mail/contact some people directly?


Maybe good to spread the news with CCA and CCU? And as soon as possible we start advertising on our website + social media…

Yes let me know when we’re ready to go public, we can potentially
do some PR via SeeLab!

Hi all!

  • I created an event for the livestream on facebook:
  • I’ve reserved a 1080p HD webcam that we can use to capture the performances.
  • I have a external usb-soundcard and cables that we can use to capture the sound from the mixer.

I have one extra performer, Roald van Dillewijn, who might want to perform as well, livecoding his hacked guitarpedals.

Excellent !
Thank you guys @Timo + @j.reus
Shall we add the stream URL to the event ?
I know the actual live stream keeps changing , but at least with the channel URL those interested could access the channel and i believe YT will show the live stream as 1st option

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Hi everyone!

Due to the developments of the corona virus Jonathan and I think it is best to cancel our meetup and let everyone livestream their performance from home (if you’re still willing to perform). Please let me know if you would like to livestream from your home so we can arrange a schedule for performances. We have 2 hours to share. I’m not really sure if there is an easy way to have 1 “hub” where all our livestreams come in. So I think everyone has to setup there own stream.

Sad to hear !
I would have loved to meet up with you guys next week.
Let’s sort out the times everyone is performing ASAP then?