NLCL at ICLC 2020 - Housing/Travel/Discussion

Hi All! As most of you already know ICLC 2020 is February 5-7 in Limerick, Ireland. Last year @KessonDalef, @craig and I shared an AirBnB during the conference together with coders from Canada and Portugal. This year Giovanni and I were thinking about doing the same thing (maybe Craig as well?). I wanted to start this thread to ask who would be interested from our community in this as well so we can look for something together.

I was planning on arriving in Limerick on Monday or Tuesday (3/4), and leaving on Saturday or Sunday (8/9). Because last year they added 2 extra days to the conference (a pre-party on the tuesday, and an afterparty with local-only livecoders on the saturday), not sure if that will happen this year, but would like to be around for that as well.

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That’s a great idea. Unfortunately I will be missing ICLC 2020! First one I miss since it started :frowning:

Enjoy and glad nl_cl will bel represented!

@narcode, Ah that’s too bad!

That sounds cool! Joana
and I had an installation accepted so maybe we can join in :slight_smile:


Hey Timo!
I would be interested to share sommething with you guys! Problably Seb too, since our proposal was also accepted

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I’m not joining the ICLC this year, as I have another exciting long trip coming up a month after (amongst which visiting ICLI).

@nescivi, too bad to hear you won’t be joining, but best of luck with your other activities of course!

@j.reus, @RafaeleAndrade, so cool that so many of us got accepted to do something at ICLC. That’s already 6 from the NLCL group this year, awesome! :slight_smile:

I’d love to join in again!


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I don’t live in NL but I’m down to share accommodation!

hey all, looks like I’ll be arriving on the 5th and leaving on the 8th. I would be happy to share an AirBnB! :slight_smile:

I’m also wondering what travel options have you all found? It looks like you can fly into Dublin, but then a 2:30h bus ride! :frowning: …there are also flights into Cork airport?

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Hey! I will arrive on the 4th and leave on the 8th. I’m flying to Dublin, then take the airlink bus to Dublin Heuston trainstation, from there take the train to Limerick Colbert. Let’s look for some AirBnB options this coming week.

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Hey all. We were looking at AirBnB options this evening… and it doesn’t look so easy to find housing for large groups. The best thing I found was a few places that could house a maximum of 4 people.
I’d like to book my stay soon.

Is anyone else planning to arrive on Feb 5 and leave Feb 8? If yes let me know and if we can get four together we can book a place together! Otherwise I can just try to book a place on my own

Hey all, I’m looking around more now… the accommodation
situation in Limerick is really bad.

  There seems to have been accommodation on campus but it's totally

booked. And the closest place that can house 7 people is way on
the western outskirts of the city really far from the university.
There are a couple one-person rooms on AirBnB too…

  It may be that the best option is to book with the Limerick

Castlelodge as recommended on the ICLC website.

Yeah it seems pretty tough.

You mean the Castletroy lodge? Yeah that seems to be the cheapest for €51 double room if I understand correctly.

Yeah, the Castleroy
Travelodge. It’s €51 for a double room and it’s walking distance
to the University.

    There are a couple of

spotted AirBnBs around the area for a little cheaper (the cat
house looks especially cute/cozy!), but nothing that could take
us as a group.

    I think we should all

just book what we can independently.

HI everyone , thanks @Timo and @j.reus for looking into this. I am going to check this week about accommodation too, what i have seen so far is really insane, everything is so expensive, hope I have the money to afford this expense by the end of Jan. Would it be worth getting in touch with them? is there no one from ICLC to provide help with this? It seems a headache for everyone going , I am actually reconsidering my presence if I have to spend over 400 £ between traveling and accommodation for less than a week.
@j.reus what happened to this ones ? “a few places that could house a maximum of 4 people” no go?

I went ahead and booked
my hotel with Travelodge… the total was around €200. Indeed,
it’s disappointing how expensive this is! I’m really hoping that
they offer some financil assistance.

    The 4-people places

were few and far between… and nothing anywhere close to the


I have done the same