NLCL at ICLC 2020 - Housing/Travel/Discussion

Hi All! As most of you already know ICLC 2020 is February 5-7 in Limerick, Ireland. Last year @KessonDalef, @craig and I shared an AirBnB during the conference together with coders from Canada and Portugal. This year Giovanni and I were thinking about doing the same thing (maybe Craig as well?). I wanted to start this thread to ask who would be interested from our community in this as well so we can look for something together.

I was planning on arriving in Limerick on Monday or Tuesday (3/4), and leaving on Saturday or Sunday (8/9). Because last year they added 2 extra days to the conference (a pre-party on the tuesday, and an afterparty with local-only livecoders on the saturday), not sure if that will happen this year, but would like to be around for that as well.

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That’s a great idea. Unfortunately I will be missing ICLC 2020! First one I miss since it started :frowning:

Enjoy and glad nl_cl will bel represented!

@narcode, Ah that’s too bad!

That sounds cool! Joana
and I had an installation accepted so maybe we can join in :slight_smile:


Hey Timo!
I would be interested to share sommething with you guys! Problably Seb too, since our proposal was also accepted

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I’m not joining the ICLC this year, as I have another exciting long trip coming up a month after (amongst which visiting ICLI).

@nescivi, too bad to hear you won’t be joining, but best of luck with your other activities of course!

@j.reus, @RafaeleAndrade, so cool that so many of us got accepted to do something at ICLC. That’s already 6 from the NLCL group this year, awesome! :slight_smile:

I’d love to join in again!


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I don’t live in NL but I’m down to share accommodation!