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My vote also is +1 for November 23

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The event hasn’t really been announced yet, I believe it is open to everyone so probably rsvps are closed by mistake… I’ve asked. It’d be great to meet up and/or make art together somehow!

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Okay cool! Then let’s see if we can make that happen :slight_smile:

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RSVPs are open now. My current plan doesn’t leave any real spare time, but I could potentially stay an extra day… I should book travel in the next day or two really though (either eurostar from Brussels or ferry from Rotterdam).

@yaxu We’re in contact with Creative Coding Utrecht to see if we can host our NLCL meetup on the 23th instead of the 14th, and hopefully combine it (or replace it) with livecoding performances in Utrecht, or alternatively Amsterdam would be a good option as well of course. Not sure in which city you will be staying the night of the 23th.

@Timo Ta, Amsterdam would be nice!

Hey all, so iii is currently in the process of putting together the yearly program for 2020. This would be a really good moment to decide whether we want to aim for doing a NL_CL series in collaboration with iii next year (and which funds we would apply for to support it).

Being included in iii’s yearly program has a lot of benefits for iii in terms of acquiring annual funding. So if we can be quick on this I think iii would help us out in kind (lower rental rates, etc…) … opening up more funds for paying artists and organizers reasonable fees.

What do you all think? Can we commit to this? And who will be involved in organizing/fundraising etc?
I can volunteer myself to be part of the fundraising team. Perhaps with one other person? :slight_smile:

We need to have a proposal ready for iii before August 20 (nothing big, just a paragraph about the program and how we will organize it along with a proposal for concert dates)



Sounds great. I am definitely willing to help, but I’m only available starting 12th of August (and maybe a few days between 29 July and 2 August. I guess we could start with a draft between 29 and 2 and then final touches after the 12th? Maybe we can start with a “brainstorm”-doc in google where everyone from NLCL can submit some ideas/suggestions that we can then filter into a final proposal?

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Hey all, so iii is currently…

 Link, please?



@craig iii (instrument
inventors initiative) is an artist-run initiative based in the
Hague, of which both myself and Marije are members. We have a
performance space and studio ‘broedplaats’ next to station

Cool! I can get the doc
started, is there a less public way of sharing the doc link than
posting it to TOPLAP? :slight_smile:

Hi Jonathan!

Do you already have this small paragraph? I can help you with that! Let me know! :slight_smile:

@j.reus You could send us a private message with the link.

@craig @narcode I could also help with sound

@j.reus me too if possible

@eerieear @Timo check
the private chat

Hi All,

Fabian from Creative Coding Utrecht here. I wanted to give you a heads-up that we’re going to organize an event on De Neude on September 14 and a workshop on the 13th.

It would be great if some people from NLCL would also join the fun. On Friday we’ll probably organize some shader workshop and do some live coding in the evening - very informal.

On Saturday we’ll take live coding to the streets as we’ve arranged a 7m wide LED screen on De Neude - a public square in the centre of Utrecht. We’ll present a Shader Showdown in the afternoon, and Felipe and his Panda Zooicide will perform in the evening. But it would be great to have some of you also performing as part of the Shader Showdown. More information on all of this will follow soon! So for now: Save-the-date!


Welcome @Fabian_CC! Looking forward for collaborations and friendships. CC and nl_cl overlap in many senses so we are very happy to see you posting here.

Bring your cousins, sisters, brothers, kids, grandsons and grandmas to the event. Special dance moves, popcorn, raw fish… there will be everything, maybe even system crashes.

Hugs and drink lots of water or coconut juice.

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Hoi Timo… For what it’s worth, re: skatepark, I’m more likely to be around on 26 October than 23 November.