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Hey all, so iii is currently…

 Link, please?



@craig iii (instrument
inventors initiative) is an artist-run initiative based in the
Hague, of which both myself and Marije are members. We have a
performance space and studio ‘broedplaats’ next to station

Cool! I can get the doc
started, is there a less public way of sharing the doc link than
posting it to TOPLAP? :slight_smile:

Hi Jonathan!

Do you already have this small paragraph? I can help you with that! Let me know! :slight_smile:

@j.reus You could send us a private message with the link.

@craig @narcode I could also help with sound

@j.reus me too if possible

@eerieear @Timo check
the private chat

Hi All,

Fabian from Creative Coding Utrecht here. I wanted to give you a heads-up that we’re going to organize an event on De Neude on September 14 and a workshop on the 13th.

It would be great if some people from NLCL would also join the fun. On Friday we’ll probably organize some shader workshop and do some live coding in the evening - very informal.

On Saturday we’ll take live coding to the streets as we’ve arranged a 7m wide LED screen on De Neude - a public square in the centre of Utrecht. We’ll present a Shader Showdown in the afternoon, and Felipe and his Panda Zooicide will perform in the evening. But it would be great to have some of you also performing as part of the Shader Showdown. More information on all of this will follow soon! So for now: Save-the-date!


Welcome @Fabian_CC! Looking forward for collaborations and friendships. CC and nl_cl overlap in many senses so we are very happy to see you posting here.

Bring your cousins, sisters, brothers, kids, grandsons and grandmas to the event. Special dance moves, popcorn, raw fish… there will be everything, maybe even system crashes.

Hugs and drink lots of water or coconut juice.

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Hoi Timo… For what it’s worth, re: skatepark, I’m more likely to be around on 26 October than 23 November.

NL_CL WORKSHOP @ iii in 2020

Hey all, as part of our collaboration with iii we’ve proposed a livecoding workshop. iii really liked this idea and they would like to include it in their year-long workshop program… this means more budget & assistance from iii in making it happen, but also means we need to give them a bit more information.

The workshop we proposed is intended to be open and inclusive, and to grow the community. So I’m imagining it would be aimed at total beginners, maybe focusing on one music and one visual language? Participants can then perform in an algorave at the end of the day.

What I need to know from ya’ll is:

1. who would be willing to work as a workshop teacher?

2. what’s the max number of participants we can handle? (I guess this depends largely on the number of teachers)

3. what would you like to teach?

4. ideally what would the duration of the workshop be? (number of days/hours)

5. a short bio of your background

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Great news ! and thanks again @j.reus I could help with the teaching, introductory tidal, or hydra (maybe foxdot in a few days)
I could prepare some material, maybe a couple of 2/3 hour sessions? It would really depend on how much time there is to prepare the classes. I will send some background info via email !
PS hope you can make it tonight
Cheers !

I’m interested in working as a workshop teacher, depending on the environments/topics for the workshops. I can teach in MaxMSP (synthesis/sequencing/algorithmic composition 3D/2D audioreactive visuals), P5.js and also know some SonicPi.

Hey @Timo @eerieear … important is the duration / number of days!
Keep in mind it would be great if at least some of the participants would create something that they would be able to perform as part of the early act of an algorave the following evening!

Also @Timo @eerieear I need your (short) bios

Hey all, the (short term) deadline for this is this monday to get this workshop into the next round of funding that iii is putting in. We can always change the details (and teachers)! So please keep responding :slight_smile:

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Hey Jonathan!

As I suggested by phone, I’ll be glad to lead an workshop about Live coding in augmented instruments. We could elaborate something together if you’re intereted.

The name could be “Live code with musical instruments”, maybe something around 3 days with 2 hours of work? I’m thinking to reach more a regional public, around 8-15 people.

Let me know if that is a good match with the project of the NL_CL on iii

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Hey all, I put in a workshop description to iii as a kind of placeholder for now. Assuming that it would be somehow related to the Algorave concert we will do at iii. Here’s the description I made (note that we can continue to discuss this and change details/teachers/theme if it makes sense - I just needed to give iii something now!):

hands-on introduction to music and visual live coding

This workshop is an introduction to music and visual live coding for absolute beginners. A special focus of this workshop is to provide an accessible entry point for participants to learn some basic tools for livecoding; we wish to grow the Dutch livecoding community and also encourage gender equality and diversity within this community. The workshop will be designed and taught by members of the NL_CL community and will be scheduled on the same day as our Algorave concert. Participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to take part in the evening concert as performers.

Live coding began in the early 2000’s as a new direction in electronic music and video performance. Enabled by the increasing availability of inexpensive laptops capable of generating sound and visuals in real-time, and domain-specific programming languages to take advantage of these capabilities, livecoders expose and rewire the innards of software while it is written on-the-fly. Furthermore, live coding in music proposes certain ethical principles:

  1. Transparency (sharing of code & methodology in and out of performance)

  2. No borders (online-streamed presentations, global community)

  3. Interaction and democratic ways of working with/within the audience

  4. Striving for an open and inclusive community (gender balanced line-ups, and extra attention for underrepresented minorities)

target audience

Beginners, those with no coding experience, anyone interested in computer languages as expressive tools for live music and visual art.

max number of participants


duration (how many hours over how many days)

one full day (10-18h with a 30min lunch break), day ends with a concert/Algorave

bios of everyone involved

The exact teachers could change, it will be two people from the NL_CL community, for now we have confirmed:

Timo Hoogland is a livecoder, creative coder, music technologist and educator from The Netherlands. He livecodes experimental electronic dance music. All music and visuals are generated in real time with a custom designed programming environment and language called Mercury. He graduated from the Masters of Music Design at the HKU University of Arts Utrecht in 2019, where he developed Mercury and used it to research and develop algorithmic composition techniques in livecoded music. A paper about the environment was published at the International Conference on Live Coding in Madrid. He has an active role in organizing livecoding jamsessions and Algoraves together with Creative Coding Utrecht/Amsterdam, is part of the Netherlands Coding Live community and has performed at various festivals like Overkill Enschede, Tec-Art Rotterdam, Droidcon Turin and React
Amsterdam. He educates creative coding practices at the HKU Bachelor of Music Technology.

Sebastian Pappalardo is a Sound Design and computer musician who works with a variety of livecoding languages/environments, but primarily SuperCollider, Tidal-cycles and Hydra. He performs under the moniker eerieear

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