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Thanks Jonathan! We wil share and promote :slight_smile:

Great ! Thanks @j.reus !

sharing here another live coding event coming up on Wednesday in Amsterdam, more info >>>>>>>>>>

I just updated the website with these events as well!

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The Future of Music - NL_CL #1 ~ (un)concert livestream radio show just finished and it was amazing! If you haven’t had the chance to watch, it is recorded on Youtube so you can check it out later! Click on the title.


If you want to join the ‘thuisprotest’ for SOSMoria, here is some SuperCollider code.

More info: and


SynthDef(\dsaf_horn1, { |rate=0.1|
	var freq =, 0.99, 0.4).lagud(0.4 / rate, 0.6 / rate) * \ + \ * [1,1.05];
	// var freq = [ 300, 500, 800, 1100 ];
	var son  =, 0.99, 0.2).lagud(0.4 / freq, 0.6 / freq) * 2 - 1;

	// This filtering is a simple approximation of the plastic horn acoustics:
	son =, 1500, 1/4) * 4;

	// delay and reverb, to simulate the environment in which we hear the siren
	son = son +, 0.1, 0.1, 0.3);
	son = son +;
	son = son * Env.linen(0.01,1,0.01), timeScale: \, doneAction: 2 );
	//, * \;, son * \;

Tdef( \SOS, { |ev|{ // S
		Synth(\dsaf_horn1, [ \rate, (1/ev.unit) + 0.15, \dur, ev.unit ]);{ |it| it.red_(255); }; ~setSlimPars.value;
		ev.unit.wait;{ |it| it.red_(0); }; ~setSlimPars.value;
		ev.unit.wait; // pause
	};{ // O
		Synth(\dsaf_horn1, [ \rate, (1/(ev.unit*3)) + 0.05, \dur, ev.unit*3 ]);{ |it| it.red_(255); }; ~setSlimPars.value;
		(ev.unit * 3).wait;{ |it| it.red_(0); }; ~setSlimPars.value;
		ev.unit.wait; // pause
	};{ // S
		Synth(\dsaf_horn1, [ \rate, (1/ev.unit) + 0.15, \dur, ev.unit ]);{ |it| it.red_(255); }; ~setSlimPars.value;
		ev.unit.wait;{ |it| it.red_(0); }; ~setSlimPars.value;
		ev.unit.wait; // pause
}).set( \unit, 0.25 );

Tdef( \goFor2Minutes, {{ // 2 minutes
		// play every five seconds{
			Tdef( \SOS ).play;
	Tdef( \SOS ).stop;

Tdef( \goFor2Minutes ).play;

Tdef( \goFor2Minutes ).stop;

Hi all,

our friends from Barcelona Toplap have a spot for their live stream program “The hour of live coding”.
It would be coming wednsday or friday (preferably wednsday) at 8:08pm.

The stream is around 45~60min and you can do whatever you want, just be yourself and show what you have been up in terms of live coding :computer_mouse:\

If you want to take the spot just reply and i’ll put you in contact. first to reply gets it :slight_smile: :trophy:


I am in , is 45 mins the slot or the total stream time?

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Yes! This is super. We continue talking in PM

Mark your calendars! :nerd_face::computer::musical_keyboard::musical_note:

Last weekend I recorded 5 performances for the Mercury live coding project together with Anne Veinberg, Guillem Gongora Moral, Rafaele Maria Andrade and Roald van Dillewijn.

These performances will be released next week on Monday to Friday at 19h30, starting with a performance by Anne Veinberg. She has worked on combining the CodeKlavier project with Mercury, allowing her to live code electronic music while playing piano.

Tuesday: Guillem Góngora Moral: Using his experience and knowledge as a composer combining classical and electronic sounds to perform a piece written for live coding.

Wednesday: Rafaele Maria Andrade & Timo Hoogland: Allowing Mercury to control sounds in the Knurl, a hybrid cello (electroacoustic) that runs on a Bela board with SuperCollider.

Thursday: Roald van Dillewijn: Combining Mercury with his DigiLog project. A project where hacked guitar pedals are controlled digitally via live coding.

Friday: Timo Hoogland: The developer of Mercury uses his language to live code algorithmic electronic music in genres such as minimal, techno and ambient. This performance explores the famous fibonacci sequence in a musical structure.

This project is made possible thanks to the support from Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and Creative Coding Utrecht

Recorded at Muziekhuis Utrecht

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Hey NLCL’ers!

On 23th of April we will have our next concert of NLCL at iii!

Tickets are now available for new online concert of NL_CL#4! 🚀🚀

In this edition, NL_CL and iii will present artworks that relate coding practices to cooperative approaches involving interactivity and audience engagement.

Alice Eldridge

Chris Kiefer

Joana C-q

Craig Latta

Carolien Teunisse

Renick Bell
#instrumentinventorsinitiative #netherlandscodinglive #interactivity #livecoding

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in case you have missed it, sharing here our online event this Sunday:

Ch◉re◉graph◦ng C◉d◦ng ↭ ↝ tales from real-time collaborative audio-visual coding ↜

Date: 5th of December 2021
Time: 14:00-16:00 CET
Location: Online Varia Narrowcast

This event is facilitated by Joana Chicau and Renick Bell as part of the research and development of Choreographies of the Circle & Other Geometries a project on socio-technical protocols for collaborative audio-visual live coding and a corresponding peer-to-peer environment programmed in JavaScript.

We are happy to have the participation of Chiho Oka, CodeKlavier, Saskia Freeke and Timo Hoogland.

More info here.

Hope to have you join!