Open call: Algorithmic Pattern Salon

Call for contributions: Algorithmic Pattern Salon

Algorithmic Patterns in Creative Arts, Craft and Code

Salon dates: 23/24th November 2023
Deadline for submissions: 22nd September 2023

Pattern supports the creative exploration of a given material, using operations such as repetition, rotation, reflection, glide and interference. An algorithmic pattern is a combination of such transformations. Alone, each operation is straightforward, but in combination, at multiple scales (and potentially as higher order transformations), an algorithmic pattern can determine forms of astonishing variety and complexity. This simplicity of parts and complexity of wholes creates rich creative ground, which has been explored by e.g. craftspeople, composers, and choreographers for thousands of years.

We are happy to announce the open call for contributions for the first Algorithmic Pattern Salon, taking place online (with potential local gatherings) 23/24th November. The salon will be interdisciplinary and open access.

For full details of the call and submission process please see: Algorithmic Pattern Salon · Algorithmic Pattern

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