Open Call for the ICLC 2023 in Utrecht

Hi all,

the open call for the upcoming International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC) in Utrecht is out! Find all details here:


:mega:ICLC UPDATE!:mega: TODAY, the call for ICLC2023 in Utrecht is officially :checkered_flag:OPEN​:checkered_flag: starting now and continuing until Dec. 15!

Submission requirements :point_right:Open Call for the ICLC 2023 in Utrecht

Submission link :point_right:

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Please check an Update to the call page - we added a FAQ, in particular with this important question:

Will the submission deadline be extended this year???

Because we want to publish the invitations as soon as possible, we will not be extending the submission deadline beyond the original cutoff date of December 15th. All submissions registered by the end of the 15th of December can be edited until the end of the 18th of December so that final touches can be added or updated. This means you must create the entry and receive a Submission ID before the system stops assigning them at 00:00 GMT on Dec. 16th.

Calling all procrastinators! The call for ICLC’23 closes at midnight on Dec.15! There_will_be_no_extension! BUT submissions registered by 15th can still be edited until end of 18th. Info: