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A section for sharing open calls, funding opportunities, etc; both in Holland and abroad.


You are a field recordist, author of radio fictions or documentaries, audio art works, soundwalks, Hörspiel , podcasts… inventor of digital forms which involve the narrative plasticity of sounds? These Prizes are conceived for you. If they are selected, your works will be play at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France during this 24th edition of Phonurgia Nova Awards.

You can submit :

  1. finalized productions (eligible at the various Prizes)
  2. not finalized projects: models and scenarios (eligible for the benefit of Residences)

All works are welcome as long as they are the expression of a creative approach of sound or radio art. This year, the international Jury will award 7,500 € worth
prizes. All details, rules and registrations form available below.


22 October, 2019
Co-located with SPLASH 2019, Athens, Greece


The LIVE’19 workshop invites submissions of ideas for improving the
immediacy, usability, and learnability of programming. Live
programming gives the programmer immediate feedback on the behavior of
a program as it is edited, replacing the edit-compile-debug cycle with
a fluid programming experience. The best-known example of live
programming is the spreadsheet, but there are many others.

The study of live programming is now an established area of research.
This year we would like to reflect on achievements to date, lessons
learnt, and the most promising directions for the future.

The shared spirit of LIVE is a focus on the human experience of
programming, and an interest in reconsidering traditional practices
and beliefs. Topics of interest include:

Live programming environments
Visual/projectional programming environments
Advances in REPLs/notebooks/playgrounds
Programming by example/demonstration
Advanced debugging and execution visualization techniques
Language learning environments
Language design for learnability and teachability
Alternative language semantics/paradigms in support of the above
Frameworks for characterizing technical or experiential properties of
live programming

Our goal is to provide a forum where early-stage work receives
constructive criticism. We accept short papers, web essays with
embedded videos, and demo videos. A written 250 word abstract is
required for all submissions. Videos should be up to 20 minutes long
and papers should be up to 6 pages long. We strongly recommend that
your submission use concrete examples to explain your ideas. Please
ensure that you contextualise your contribution by explaining how it
differs from what has been done before. There are no formal


Submissions due: Fri 2 August, 2019
Notification: Fri 30 August, 2019
Workshop: Tue 22 October, 2019

Open call for international sound art competition

This last call is very unclear about what you actually get when you win. It does not mention what the prizes actually are (the FAQ refers to a non-existing page), and it seems you have to pay for your own shipping of the work.

I would vouch for only posting calls where there is actually transparency on what the artist renumeration will be.

Free code as in free speech, but not as in free beer.
So no free work for alleged exposure.

Very Nice ! Thanks @JoChicau !

The Live Interfaces conference has an open call:

Call for Papers and Performances

ICLI is an interdisciplinary conference focusing on the role of interfaces in all artistic performance activities. We encourage critical and reflective approaches to key themes in the design and use of live interfaces. A wide range of theoretical and practice-based approaches are welcomed by people from all possible research, art and other practice backgrounds.

The fifth International Conference on Live Interfaces will take place at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, NTNU, 9-11 March 2020. This biennial conference will bring together people working with live interfaces in the performing arts, including music, the visual arts, theatre, dance, puppetry, robotics or games. The conference scope is highly interdisciplinary but with a focus on interface technologies of expression in the area of performance. Note that technologies here can be understood in the widest possible sense. Topics of liveness, immediacy, presence (and tele-presence), mediation, collaboration and timing or flow are engaged with and questioned in order to gain a deeper understanding of the role contemporary media technologies play in human expression.

The special theme of the 2020 conference is

Artificial Intelligence. Artistic Intelligence. Automated Emotional Intelligence.

A.I. is relatively widespread and ubiquitous within interfaces for artistic expression. Within this domain we can also include various sorts of automation and algorithmic extensions, as this constitutes a form of external agency that allows us to do more – more than we could unassisted by these technologies. How does this affect the artistic expression? Is it merely a convenience and an affordance to allow us to interface to complex domains, and as such just extend our inherent abilities? Or, does it imply a deeper impact on how the art is made? We can assume that all interfaces affect what we can do in profound ways. The difference with A.I. and machine learning in general is that the internal workings of the algorithms to a larger extent is a black box. We understand to a lesser degree how the internals of neural networks actually work, and then, how do we understand what we do as artists with these interfaces?

Further details of submission categories, dates etc. See:

Collaboration with Meta.Morf

This ICLI collaborates with the Meta.Morf biennal for art and technology (, taking place in Trondheim from March 3 to May 5. The Meta.Morf opening week is 5-10 March, and ICLI will commence immediately after. This creates a special opportunity to spend some quality time in Trondheim, in the company of both the ICLI and the Meta.Morf crowd. ICLI attendees will get a discount on Meta.Morf tickets. The theme for Meta.Morf 2020 is “The digital wild” - bending and twisting our illusions about digital futures. Come stay a full week in Trondheim and get the best of both worlds.


Thanks for sharing this! I didn’t know about this conference and it is really relevant for an installation I’m working on.

somebody posted this on FB
Mostly Fine Arts but might be worth checking some of this
@jokroese there’s one for maps here:
Territory -


Open call for creatives! During the 20th edition of MOMO Festival, on April 16, 17, and 18 2020, you can create your own idea with €1000 at the new MOMO-location: Maassilo Rotterdam.

For the third year in a row Motel Mozaique Festival organises an open call. The opening of MOMO Festival will be for this year (and for the first time) in the iconic Maassilo where all various shapes of MOMO -music, performance & art- will meet to create a unique and absolute experience. Are you dreaming of realising your wildest and unconventional idea in a unique and historic venue in the Maashaven? Now you can, in the Maassilo on the MOMO-opening, on the 16th of April!

Create with €1000, in the immense Maassilo, a jungle party in the basement, a crazy art installation in one of the (concert)halls, a bizarre performance, immerse the audience in a social experiment, organise expeditions throughout the various unique rooms, project on or video map the Maassilo facade… We embrace crazy ideas :heart: and the Maassilo – a former grain silo factory from 1910 – is your canvas.

So, are you an artist, designer, maker, performer, dancer, scientist or you just have a lot of amazing ideas? Send us your idea before the 31th of January and maybe you will be on our line-up along with Destroyer, Eefje de Visser, YĪN YĪN and many more.

Need inspiration? On Wednesday the 11th of December, at 15:00 until 17:00, Harry (Artistic Director) and Nikki (Open Call Curator & Coordinator) will give an inspirational tour through Maassilo for the ones that want to apply to this open call. Please confirm your participation in the tour via email at

December 11 2019, 15:00 – 17:00: Inspirational tour in the Maassilo (block this day in your agenda!)
January 31 2020, 23:59: Open call deadline
March 2 2020: Announcement of the winners
March 9-12 2020: We meet each other
April 16, 17 & 18 2020: MOMO Festival #20

More info:

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Open Call for JS Nation in Amsterdam is here:

JSNation is looking to showcase art and creative applications using one of the most popular programming languages in the world. We want artists and engineers to collaborate and submit their pieces and performances.

We want to be able to run most artworks in realtime, however, some pieces may have several technical features that make it difficult to so, for that reason we are asking as a requisite, to have video documentation of your work.

There are three categories:

  • Exhibition: GIFs, Videos, Processing sketches, Code Snippets, still images.
  • Performance: Video documentation, artist description.
  • Installations: video documentation, diagrams and build plans.

For all categories, please submit a video excerpt or a GIF showing a part of the finished artwork/performance.


Thanks ! Hope to see you there again this year !

Deadline April 1st

Hi all!

The Network Music Festival has an open call:

Deadline is 7 May.

There’s a general call for performances and workshops, but also for special categories: VR Algorave, MIMIC New Works (using the Sema platform), New to Networking and Student Works.

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Hello everyone !

Found this on twitter…

Eyebeam @eyebeamnyc

OPEN CALL: We’re providing $5k grants for ideas and actionable projects built to answer these questions: how do we begin to exit surveillance capitalism as the dominating form of digital life? What can replace it?

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Hey all,

I was contacted by a group of people in Amsterdam, called Unknown Electronics, who are organising “Lockdown sessions”, that are streamed online.
They are looking to extend their horizons (they are mostly doing analog electronics), so they invited my for July 31st. I can’t make it then though, so I suggested to ask whether anyone else is interested in playing.

It’ll be at Radion (Louwesweg, Amsterdam).

It’s a volunteer based thing.

Their previous session (a collage of recordings):

Their facebook page:

Let me know if you’re interested to play, and I’ll put you in touch!