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Hi Alex,

I tried to register at the but I won’t receive the confirmation email.

I tripple checked my spam as well as my email, I also asked twice to resend the mail but it does not make any difference. So I can’t confirm my registration. (I have an account at several other sites using discourse, so I don’t think there is a general problem with my email e. g.).

Any idea what I could do?

Hi @Lem,
Hm, I haven’t heard of people having signup problems before. I can see the email tries to be sent, but your mail server says “550-Sender verification is required but failed.” I guess this is because the email is sent from “”, and the ‘noreply’ mailbox doesn’t exist. This seems like over-enthusiastic spam protection to me, which I think would stop you from receiving a lot of auto-generated emails.

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Thanks a lot for looking into that! I’ll try to see if I it is in my power to change that. Strange though, as I also signed up here …

Hm yes, that counts against my theory! Maybe the problem is that doesn’t have an MX record. I’ll try fiddling with it too…

Yes, I think that is the case. I asked the provider’s support and it said:

The system checks whether an MX record exists for the sender domain or whether a mail delivery notification (a so-called bounce) could be delivered to the sender if the target address is not reachable. If these checks fail, the connection is terminated with the reason ‘550-Sender verification is required but failed. (ID:550:0:5)’ is rejected.

Anyhow, I did use my googlemail adress to register. Do you think it would be possible to remove my not-confirmed account over at the tidal club site so that I am able to add my main mail adress to my tidal club account?

Thanks for checking on that. I think I’ve fixed it so you should have the activation email now - did that arrive?
If so let me know which account you’d now like me to remove :slight_smile: