Please send coffee

Dear tidalcyclists, I just counted up 39 coffees for my work on Tidal from September, really really appreciated but I could do with more coffee senders to help cover studio rent etc (aside from this my only regular income is 50% part time work in Germany). Right now I’m working towards making results from these donations more tangible but for now extra coffees would be much appreciated!


Hi @yaxu! I have a few thoughts I would like to share with you about this topic:

  1. We are deeply thankful to you since you’ve been developing and improving TidalCycles, our tool to create music and to think projects related to it. We appreciate your work and of course it should be paid in order to provide you with economical resources that can make your efforts sustainable;
  2. I am writing you from a poor country, in the middle of a crisis. We’ve been a poor country since Spain conquered this territory and Art was never profitable, even making computer music. We are not paid to play or to develop art pieces, including ideas which requires code developing as well;
  3. We would love to contribute. Being poor give us the ability of lateral thinking. What about organizing a TidalCycles algorave in different cities, playing remotely with Troop or Estuary (or Flok, if we can handle to solve its issues asap: I imagine that we could mix coders from the first world with others from the third one. We all (in rich and poor countries) could charge a ticket to the public and all the money could be invested in supporting TidalCycles. Besides, would show that human interaction through machines can mean collaboration and union.
    n__n You count on me and the argentinian live coders collective (CLiC) for this. <3
    Thanks so much for TidalCycles!!!

Hi @iSaladino! Thanks so much for these thoughts.

Yes I understand these problems, and think it makes no sense to send money to me in the UK. I should have directed my call only to those with spare cash and good exchange rates! Of course there are other ways to support the community without working on the code or sending money to developers, including writing and translating documentation. I want to make it easier for people to do this in the future, more on that soon!

I love the idea of online exchange between cities though! We should do that anyway, but with any funds raised kept for the local community of artists and organisers :slight_smile: The only problem is timezone, but maybe we can make it a Sunday event, when it’s daytime for some and nighttime for others?

Thanks for the quick response, @yaxu. We definitely will collaborate with documentation (we’ve made some Spanish translations in order to provide access to people who doesn’t speak in English).
We just tried Estuary and could play a few lines with a livecoder from Indonesia, so playing together around the world is possible.
To do it on Sunday is the best option, we can check timezones! I am sure that India, Indonesia and Brazil will be in. :sunny:

Ace, I’m a bit short of organisation time, but if you wanted to pull this together, I’m sure we can set something up from Sheffield! Maybe we should make a new thread for this :slight_smile:

Great, @yaxu!

On our side, we have Troop working properly for remote plays in a server:

  • Host:
  • Port: 57890
  • Password: livecoding.

Requirements: python 2.7 and Troop branch 81ba76f45987dedb04b59b68e6307700f9ac8c65 (the last one that actually works: I already wrote to Ryan Kirkbride so we can help him to fix those last pushes).

We shall test it internationally (whithin argentinian territory worked just fine), but we believe it can be useful to a worldwide networked algorave. :))))

Yesterday we also had a successful remote session with livecoders from Indonesia regarding an event of music and new technologies they organised. We used although the connection is not always stable and sometimes had a lot of latency.

Let’s make a new thread and get those international tests going!

Wait for your thoughts on this <3

This is great! To encourage you, TYPE have had several intercontinental Troop jams, which generally worked well :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, Lucy! I’ll contact them via Twitter.

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