Polyrhytmical feature?

Is there a way to setup a polyrhythmical beats within FoxDot without dealing with polymeters? Essentially, having two clocks running at the same time with objects tied to either one of them. Or having one beat in 4/4 on top of which I’d have a beat in 3/4, both looping at their own pace.
Is it possible?

I may not understand what you mean by having a “beat in 4/4 on top of which you would have a beat in 3/4”… but I think the following example will do what you want as both play statements stay synchronized by the same clock, but each play statement will loop based on the number of notes in it’s sequence.

d1 >> play(“x-x-”) // 4 quarter notes looping: bass hihat bass hihat
d2 >> play(“vsv”) // 3 quarter notes looping: kick shaker kick

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