Portable Raspberry Pi Setup


I’ve never felt too comfortable bringing my laptop on stage, and have been thinking about making a live coding instrument for live performances. I’m planning on building a small portable setup with a raspberry pi, a keyboard, and a small screen. Hopefully, I can have everything housed in something smaller than a laptop.

Does anyone have experience making a build like this? If so, do y’all have any advice? The more affordable, the better.

Some things that I am wondering about is:

  1. Which raspberry pi? Do I need the most recent?

  2. How much RAM is sufficient? I have been using FoxDot, but will probably switch over to sonic pi so I can use ableton link

  3. Will I be able to connect over wifi? This is important, because I want to use ableton link to connect with ipads.

  4. What do I need for high quality stereo outputs?

  5. Do y’all have any recommendations for a small screen and keyboard?

  6. Does anyone have any suggestions for cases?

Thanks y’all