Printing multiple cycles of a pattern to the console

If I print a pattern to the console, I get a helpful readout of the first cycle’s output.


s "bd hh"


 t>(0>½)|s: "bd"
(½>1)|s: "hh"

But in cases where the pattern will differ from one cycle to the next, e.g.,

 s "<bd cp> hh"

it will still only show the first cycle. Is there someway to show the next n cycles?

shows 4 cycles:

queryArc (s "<bd sn>/3") (Arc 0 4)

see also

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Great! Thanks so much.

I don’t know if this is the appropriate place for a follow-up question, but having just updated Tidal (since posting the original question), I now see output like this:

t>[((1,1),(7,1))](0>½)|s: "future"
[((8,1),(12,1))](½>1)|s: "bass"

but I haven’t been able to figure out what the list with the tuples signifies. Is there an explanation of this somewhere?

they are source spans, in the form of (from,to), where each component is (column,line), see:

Prelude Sound.Tidal.Context> s "bass"
[((1,1),(5,1))](0>1)|s: "bass"
Prelude Sound.Tidal.Context> s " bass"
[((2,1),(6,1))](0>1)|s: "bass"
Prelude Sound.Tidal.Context> s " \n bass"
[((2,2),(6,2))](0>1)|s: "bass"


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