Problem with stretch()


The stretch() instrument does not produce any output on my system. With the same sample path I have a sound with loop ().

For info: linux lubuntu.

Very strange. How big is the file you want to use, and what is the path? Can you post the code for loop that does work, and stretch that does not?

s1 >> loop("/home/jargenty/Desktop/Musique/FoxDot/snd/loop/foxdot.wav", dur=4)

d1 >> stretch("/home/jargenty/Desktop/Musique/FoxDot/snd/loop/foxdot.wav", dur=2)

So I’ve worked it out, the SuperCollider code that stretch uses only works with stereo files. There’s no way to make it work with mono files at run time so I will have to add something like a monostretch SynthDef to work with mono files.

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