Project : Algorithmic Musical Progression in FoxDot: Would any one have an opinion?

I’m a FoxDot user and teacher based in Sheffield. I’m setting an A Level project to add code that extends patterns in what I hope are musically interesting ways. Doing multistep algorithms (like sorting) to produce long patterns that change fairly slowly over time. But I think there are other musically interesting progressions that can be implemented algorithmically?

Does anyone know of any good algorythmic pattern progessions?
Is anyone interested in being a stake holder for the project, talking to a 17ish year old via MS Teams a few times to tell them your opinion on the idea and their code.?

Thank you.

This is a JS package that has a bunch of pattern algorithms that might get you started.

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Hi, I’m just about to complete a project similar to this for my BSc in CS, albeit with audio analysis and UI design. I hadn’t thought about using sorting algorithms. There are good mathematical options with lists though that they could compare with different lists and based on the elements value, do something that produces a harmony or something. I’m happy to share my work if you want to get in touch.

Thank you for that, it would be wonderful for them to see some of those other options.

Last week we got the students to look at lots of possible projects and pitch for the ones that interested then most. So I have 2 doing this project. I’m going to get them to do a sort one and then one of their own.

One is thinking they might try Markov Chains and the other supervised machine learning, but they both seem a little speculative.

It would be great for the 3 of us to see your work. Thank you.

Yes, this is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking. FoxDot seems to use a bunch of these ideas already so the others seem a like a natural fit.

Thank you.

Now I’ve read the docs for total serialism the Markov Chain ideas seems totally sensible.

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Markov Chains are right down my alley too! I did a rather convoluted package that applies genetic algorithms to generate a number of progressions or “evolutions” as I like to call them.

Might be cool to check out for you. Directed Evolution in FoxDot - YouTube

Also I think our research interests are similar in some ways and I’m doing a user study on this if you’re interested! Thanks.