Pure FoxDot Filth?

ey up everyone!

I’ve really enjoyed getting started with FoxDot this last week
and managed to have a few basic but beautifully melodic sounding sessions,

just wondering if anyone had any tips or videos for creating bass heavy, glitchy rave type music with FoxDot?

many thanks :wink:

Hey there :wave: glad you’re enjoying using FoxDot. There are a few noisier samples you can use, such as the n, N, A, a, %, @, Q to name a few and I also like to use the drive and shape distortion filter effects too.

I don’t tend to do a lot of glitchy stuff myself but here’s a video I did that sprang to mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc_8Pm2t-84

Sawsine, to be quite honest the best way to make glitchy beats is to go out and record a whole bunch of short sounds yourself - door squeaks, telephone blips, anything really that could be percussive. Then load them up into a particular folder and set FD to use a random choice.

If you want to make them really interesting, then resample them using Audacity and change the pitches, cut them up, reverse them, pick small sections, etc.

Other ideas could be changing the various attributes (here’s some examples):

// run a hihat for reference
d1 >> play("-")

// try some different samples, but change the rate they're played at. 
d2 >> play("i {l x y}", dur=0.5/2, rate=linvar([10,50], 8))

// try adding randomness in the samples and their order
d2 >> play("i {l x y}", dur=0.5/2, rate=linvar([10,50], 8), sample=P[:6]).every(8, "shuffle")

// add more samples
d2 >> play("ilxyoXD@", dur=0.5/2, rate=linvar([10,50], 8)).every([7, 9], "shuffle")

// try a short echo time (it's a Comb filter) and echo time as well
d2 >> play("i {l x y}", dur=0.5/2, rate=linvar([10,50], 8), sample=P[:6], echo= 0.01, room=0.8).every(8, "shuffle")

//etc try anything.

d2 >> play("ilxyoXD@", dur=0.5/2, sus=0.0002, rate=linvar([10,50], 8), hpf=sinvar([1000, 6000], 8), sample=PRand(8)[:5], echo= 0.01, room=0.8).every(8, "shuffle")