PureDirt ( a pure data sound engine for tidal)

Hi Folks,

I got curious about using pure data as a sound engine for tidal. I love supercollider and superdirt and I wanted do some similar things in pure data using patch cables to think about the sound. I’m curious if this might be useful to anyone else and if anyone might have any feedback on the design. Its still at the stage of hack but it surprisingly worked and wasn’t too hard. I love that tidal’s architecture makes this sort of thing easy!

Here is the link: https://github.com/XiNNiW/PureDirt




Where have i to open the pd patch ? Or in which directory have i to put my own samples in ?

Ah good question. Thanks for giving it a go! Currently sampling is not implemented. It knows how to make PD synth sounds. Actually it knows how to make 3 sounds only: “bd” “hh” and “sd”. It has only one effect and that is reverb. :slight_smile: it would be awesome to make it sample out of a folder like superdirt does but that seemed like a really hard place to start. I also wasn’t sure if it should as superdirt already does that so well.

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