Python -m FoxDot logging me out OS X

Running << python -m FoxDot >> from terminal causes MacOS to log me out, bringing me to login screen and I have to enter my password to sign in again. When I log back in FoxDot is not running, my terminal session has restarted/reset, and SuperCollider has completely restarted (when I log back in my scripts are gone and the server is no longer active). Have tried uninstalling FoxDot and reinstalling (using pip both normally and with the --user flag) as well as fresh install of SuperCollider 3.10.3 signed and unsigned and still no luck in any case.

Not sure if this is related but I did recently install a MacOS update to Mojave 10.14.6 – I am not sure if I am getting my timelines mixed up but I think FoxDot was working before this update (in any case, there was a time when FoxDot was working on my machine, and I am unsure why it has stopped working).

Appreciate any help! :–)

Are you using a 3rd party distribution of Python e.g. Anaconda? It seems like this is a known issue. Unfortunately it looks like it’s an issue with your version of Python so you either need to install and use Python 2 or re-install Python 3.

yeap I had the same problem.
Anaconda install didnt work (logout problem) but python3 from brew (the default brew one) works. (I you dont like using the Apple default one)