Seeking co-performers for remote trio performance at NLCL #4

Hey all, I seek two co-performers for a remote livecoded trio piece I’m performing in the Netherlands Coding Live concert, on the evening of Saturday, 23 April at iii in the Hague. You can be onstage or remote.

This will be the debut of some new software I’ve written, called “Beatshifting”. It synchronizes musical events generated by the performers to a beat, but each performer and audience member hears a different temporal mix. My software is a web app which can both generate and render musical events, but you can also use it with your own livecoding environment for generating or rendering events.

Please contact me if you’d like to perform!


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This is a debut I’m looking forward to!

Just to clarify, is it Saturday 24th of April, or Friday 23rd?

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oh that will be super cool!

It will be Friday on 23th!

Hi Craig , Did you get 2 co-performers for this yet ?