Sharing some TOPLAP responsibilities

I’m giving up some community responsibilities on 21st December as part of volunteer responsibility amnesty day. See the responsibilities I’d like to give up in this blog post I wrote.

Probably I’ve been holding things back by holding on to them for too long. Anyone fancy picking something up or have suggestions for how we can take TOPLAP forward organisationally?


That’s a courageous (and probably necessary for you) choice, I respect that a lot.
I think we need TOPLAP, or at least some kind of international network to keep a shared thread between each other.
The transnodal events and the forum are the most important artifacts for me.
Maybe a donation model to support infrastructural costs could lift you from doing so, maybe a migration on a “collective owned” server? For sure I would help with that.


Many many thanks for making all this happen, Alex. I say yes to TOPLAP. I can take on the Discord stuff.

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Oh, and, just saw the twitter discuss about Matrix, I already proposed myself to try to set up a matrix node but everything faded away. I’m still available.
Maybe before should we solve the hosting issue? (If that’s an issue!)

I would suggest a regular meeting/discussion thread to hash out current issues and future directions. (Maybe each quarter?) People who are interested will show up. If no one shows up or will get involved this is also a sign.

I do fancy picking up some things. (Conscious extra post to not mingle with my previous one) What needs to be done?

I think the problem is that there isn’t a list of things to be done in a way that we can identify what isn’t being done and make sure they’re passed on. On the other hand this isn’t necessarily a problem, if it means that communities have become more dispersed, whether around shared first language or geographically. But still I think it would definitely be great to have such a meeting and/or discussion thread around this!

I have an “Element” client installed to access Matrix, but man…
it seems dead most of the time.

It depends on which channel are you on, I am on a bunch of channels pretty active, and it works well on my phone