Sidechain in Tidal

I would like to know how to side chain in tidal.
For instace, I would like a sidechain between d1 and d2.
I’m sure is possible to setup in supercollider, but I don’t understand the language enough to try.
Do you have any idea?

Thank you very much

I just saw this on twitter someone had a similar question about side chain compression and tagged @tidalcycles

“Yes, check the ‘hacks’ folder in superdirt to have one orbit sidechaining the other“

Not sure if this answers tour question but I wanted to relay in case it does.


Yes here’s the file in question

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thank you guys for your answers, I tried and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

here is the code to create a sidechain between d1 and d2

~bus =, numChannels:2); // First, create a bus
~dirt.orbits[0].outBus = ~bus; // Then, link a track to this bus
Ndef(\x, {
var control =[1].dryBus, 2).sum;
var dirt =, 2);, control, thresh:0.001, slopeBelow:1.0, slopeAbove: 0.651, clampTime:0.05, relaxTime:0.1)
//dirt * (1 - ( > 0.007).poll.lag(0.01));

// clean
~dirt.orbits[0].outBus = 0;;