Solstice stream 2023 - archives online - add your thoughts

The 2023 Solstice Streams are now archived on YouTube and

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Please add your thoughts and comments to this thread. What streams stand out, what inspires you?


There were so many awesome and inspiring things from this year’s stream. Here are just a few things that stand out for me:

Luka Prinčič
Super evokative stream created from a single NDef function in SuperCollider. Watching Luka slowly and carefully manipulate his SC parameters was very cool!


Ralt144MI’s performance was a real tour de force of coding with hardware modules. Watching him manipulate his gear from 4 (!) camera angles was very cool, and the music just kept building. A great showing for bubobubo’s Sardine language!

Atsushi Tadokoro
Wow! Such an explosion of great sound, contrasting layers and crisp rhythms. And the grooves! Unreal!

Starts with a really simple loop, but in no time it grows more, and the percussive effects kick in and propell us forward. Lots of glitch but defies categories. Really nice intensity.


Jade Rose’s “drinking crude oil” bit gave me a very good laugh.

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Enjoying watching the one by Matsui
And now, Tadokoro’s … man!

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Nice recommendation @pd3v! I love the way Matsui starts simply with a sequence of consonant tones and gradually introduces more dissonant intervals in the choose[ ] pattern. And then it gradually gets more and more unhinged! Nice from scratch performance.

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was a big fan of c_robo’s set, especially around 06:00 when the vocals kick in

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me too! I like the way this starts out with simple bloop/bleep sounds and then just keeps adding and building intensity. Lots of cool noise.

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