SpaceOut and trigger

Hey, I have a lot of fun with the spaceOut function.
I would like to retrig automatically the function to create a sort of boucing rhythm
Here is my code (not working). Do you understand what I want to do and do you know how can I achieve this?

let a = n “[c6’sus4’3, -7,-14]”
let b = n “[g6’sus4’3, -7,-14]”
let ballfx p= trigger 1 $ spaceOut [0.003,0.01…10.0] $ p
$ cat [ballfx a, ballfx b]
# s “arpy”

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I think another way to say that could be, how can I reset the spaceOut function?

I dont know if i understand, but sequence the cps?

Can you give me an example because I’m not sure I understand well your proposition with cps

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I found something guys !
I need to test my solution, I don’t know if it work.
I explain :

Another solution to have a spaceOut function which match a cycle could be to create a list which the sum of all element are equal to 1.

in haskell it look like this :

let a = [1,2…10]
let a’= [x / (sum a) | x <- a]

here the sum of all the elements of a’ are equals to 1.