SuperCollider's startup file

Hi !
I wish I knew how to add MIDI setup commands to SuperCollider’s startup file… but I’ve miserably failed hehe
Does anyone know how to, please ? :wink:

Here’s what I’d like to have in the startup file :

~midiOut = MIDIOut.newByName(“IAC”, “1”);
~midiOut.latency = 0;
~dirt.soundLibrary.addMIDI(\midi, ~midiOut);

Thank you !


Here is what I use for mine: startup file

The most important bit is to make sure that the arguments that you are passing to MIDIOut.newByName match what comes back from MIDIClient.list;



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Thank you so much David !
I’m also going to experiment with various buffer sizes (my sessions can be quite CPU intensive, so anything that can spare some cycle is welcome ;)).
Thanks again !

Ps: it works perfectly, thanks again !