Synthdefs form previous Supercollider sessions

Dear All,

I recently installed FoxDot on a laptop running windows 10 and an Anaconda distribution. Since there seemed to be some trouble installing the Atom editor, I decided to stick to the default editor and got some sound out (NICE!). Personally, I very much like the idea of coding in Python.
However, I did a fair bit of work with Supercollider in the past (synths with GUIs in class files so I can easily use them either stand alone for testing or in a greater GUI setup that I can control using two MIDI controllers (Kork nanoKONTROL and Arturia Beatstep).
All my synths, usually run using doneAction=2, so a synth is freed after the envelope is released.
Looking at the FoxDot FAQ, I now changed doneAction to 0, but I still do get a lot of distortion and unexpected beeps and bleeps.
I admit, I have not moved them in the folder where the default FoxDot SynthDefs are kept. I rather started my sclang files before I started FoxDot.start. Saying this, starting FoxDot first and then my files seemed to behave no different.
Is there a way that I can keep my current setup and trigger the synths similar like I used to e.g. my bassdrum …

{(\instrument: \bdsynth, \t_gate:1, \dur: 0.25, \vel:vel).play} // snippet from my sclang sequencer

… but now in FoxDot?

Many thanks in advance


So FoxDot uses doneAction: 0 for most synthdefs except for the one that writes the signal to the audio bus, which uses doneAction: 14, which releases all of the synths in a group (i.e. the synthdef and effects) together. This is so that reverb or delay effects aren’t cut short at the end of the envelope. You can create a reference to your synthdef from FoxDot and trigger them from FoxDot as you would any other. Hope that helps.