Tidal cycle don't work: atom find multiple packes

when i try to boot tidal cycle from atom

: error:
Ambiguous module name ‘Sound.Tidal.Context’:
it was found in multiple packages: tidal-1.4.7 tidal-1.4.7

how i can issue this problem?

Hi @gab,

This is a bug with Haskell.

When you boot tidal in atom you should also see something like: Loaded package environment from /Users/yourusername/.ghc/x86_64-darwin-8.6.5/environments/default

This is the file with the problem. Find and delete it. Then in a terminal window run these two commands to regenerate it:

source ~/.ghcup/env 
~/.ghcup/bin/cabal install tidal --lib

That should fix it, please let us know either way!