Tidal sync to max msp visuals

Hello, to add visuals to the music made with tidal, I would like to send every messages sent by tidal to max msp in addition of supercollider.

Do you think there is a simple way to do that?

Thank you very much for your answer


Hi Guiliamume,

I moved this topic to the TidalCycles category.

There’s info about sending tidal OSC to multiple targets here:

I finnaly solved this directly from supercollider, I put the code here :

var addr = NetAddr.new(“”, 3333);
OSCFunc({ |msg, time, tidalAddr|
var latency = time - Main.elapsedTime;
msg = msg ++ [“time”, time, “latency”, latency];
addr.sendBundle(latency, msg)
}, ‘/play2’).fix;

all messages sent by tidal to superdirt will be redirected on a new osc port 3333 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: