Tidal with Visuals

Hello everyone,

In my setup tidal is triggering samples with superDirt and also it trigger visuals in max msp. I woul like to put the background of my code editor transparent to see the visuals. Do you know which code editor compaptible with tidal I should use? for the moment I use Atom but I’m not sure how I can do it…

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi guiq,
I’ve heard it’s possible to make atom transparent. Otherwise if this is for sending to a projector, one trick is to use OBS studio. It’s designed for streaming but it’s great for composing windows together for sending to an external projector. You’d chroma key the editor and make sure it’s ‘on top’, then do a full screen preview to the second screen.


Hey Yaxu thank you very much for your answer, I found this about Atom :

But is too much complicated for me… I will try Obs Studio, do you think there is a latency?

No not much latency locally

Okay so maybe this could be my setup… I confess I would prefer not using another software (in this case obs). But if it works well why not :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your consideration Yaxu.

I find it really practical. It gives you a lot of control, e.g. have a totally black screen before/after you play, add images/text, add extra contrast (if projector is weak), move windows around (e.g. if projector is off-centre), plus makes it super easy to record your set.