TidalCycles sending OSC

hello all!

I was hoping one (or some) of you could help me out with a better way of sending data from tidal using open sound control.

after some googling I think I’ve found the two main ways, one from tado’s github and one from the tidal docs.

my understanding is that the first method duplicates the message sent from tidal → supercollider and routes it to your given port, and the second way allows you to send more controlled messages, where the info can be filtered with oShape before being sent. I really like the second method because it makes accessing the different OSC arguments simpler on the other end, and in the future I can use multiple targets without throwing everything tidal sends to sc at my receiver.

however, sending the OSC info using the example in the second method seems to send the info to only my receiver, and prevents superdirt (or supercollider…?) from getting the control messages which leaves me with no sound. in the meantime I’ve been using a hacky solution with variables in a do block & duplicate patterns… for example this is the mess that has been working:


wasn’t sure what the best way to format code here was so sorry about the image!

anyway I’m assuming the solution is something to do with startMulti where one target is my destination and the other is superdirt, but I haven’t been able to get it configured properly.

thanks in advance