Transparent Background

Today I changed the background color, and now when the background is in transparent mode, the text is surrounded by vertical white lines and won’t erase unless I change the font size (the text overlaps if you type two letters in the same place).

I never had a problem with it before. Another interesting thing is the transparent window is completely transparent now, even after returning the original colors. Before, the background was slightly opaque.

There isn’t a problem in the normal background mode.

Has anyone else experienced this?

What operating system are you using? There is an inherent issue with transparency on Mac OS unfortunately, which currently has no fix. Did you change the background colour via the config text file? If so, can you open it again and let me know what the USE_ALPHA variable is set to? If it is True, then it should become semi-transparent, if it is False then it will try and set the background completely transparent, which seems to be happening here.

Thank you, that cleared up my problem! I do use a Mac, and USE_ALPH was set to False.


I use linux and transparency mode does not seem to work. I tried several possibilities in the configuration file without success.

It’s very OS dependent and also depends on the version of Tcl and Tkinter installed. There are some suggested fixes on stack overflow for Linux but they stop it working on Windows and I can’t test if it actually works on Linux. If you are comfortable using Git I could create a branch that uses the suggested fix?

Thank you for your reply,
This problem is really not important enough for me and I confess I do not know what to do with the suggestions. No need to spend time there, unless the demand becomes very popular.