Tutorials (all of them) not displaying

Similar to the topic posted 5 days ago but this time I’m not seeing any of the tutorials displayed in the FoxDot command-line window when clicking on the ‘Tutorials’ drop-down. Not getting an error message of any kind though.
I looked in “C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\FoxDot\demo” and they are all there but somehow the UI doesn’t want to show them.
Using foxdot-0.7.32 on a Windows 10 machine. Thanks!

Hi there - I’m not able to reproduce the error on Windows 10 running Python 3 but it looks like you are using Python 2 and I think the last update might affect loading files. I’ve updated FoxDot to give more information about loading files and to load the files the old way when using Python 2. You can update by running pip install FoxDot -U from the command prompt - it should load up the tutorials now (or at least give some sort of error message!)

Great, that fixed it. Many thanks!

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