UK livecoders / spatial sound / sculpting sound in 3D?

Hello, I’m looking to find UK-based livecoders who already work in or are interested in exploring spatial sound. Please recommend others or post links of your work if this might be you and I’ll listen to everything!!! thank you xxx


Hi, my name is Blaž Pavlica, I am not from UK, but I am livecoding with spatial audio.
on-the-fly: Live-Coding Hacklab | Opening Concert @ ZKM_Cube - YouTube This is my last performance, it was at ZKM during the Livecode Hacklab, that they organized as a part of the on-the-fly project.
I was encoding synths in a 24 channel t-design into 3rd order ambisonics and then decoding to the 48 speakers in the ZKM Cube. The sound for the video is a binaural recording in the place with Neuman KU100.

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