What is this editor for live collaboration?

What is the editor that’s being used in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BWfPvdEy_o ?
different people working in one shared buffer, with colour coding of authors. I know about https://github.com/dktr0/extramuros but it looks different.

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https://github.com/Qirky/Troop it’s really cool and easy to use.

:slight_smile: in this Equinox we used a lot Flok too, if you are looking for collaborative editors :cherry_blossom: https://github.com/munshkr/flok

Thank you all for the pointers.

Meanwhile, I tried extramuros, Troop, and flok. Authors were very helpful answering my newcomer questions.

For my use case, flok seems best.

Is someone using or has someone tried ‘teletype’? I have seen it on the ‘Atom’ welcome guide.

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