Win10, audio drivers and SuperCollider 3 with other DAW

I’ve used Tidal for almost a couple of years… on mac. My set-up is pretty simple, I send MIDI from TC via SuperDirt to Ableton Live. Rock solid on Mojave 10.14.6

Now, I’m seriously considering porting that very same set-up to a Windows 10 computer. I’ve had some issues but I believe I’ve narrowed it to my vast ignorance of SC3 (I want to learn and understand eh ;))

As far as I understand, on a Windows computer you can’t use ASIO drivers across various pieces of software, and here Ableton Live is using my soundcard dedicated ASIO drivers (it relies on them to behave expectingly).

And from what I’ve understood, it might be where most of my issues lie.

Tidal works as expected (even if SC’s console shows a lot of “late” messages I don’t get with OSX) when no ASIO driver is installed. I can even pipe MIDI from TC to Ableton Live using LoopMIDI.

Tidal stops working as soon as I install the ASIO drivers.

Any idea on how to set / fix that ? Any workaround ?

Thank you fellow live-coders !