Windows OS - audio latency tunning

In my opinion : In Windows (GUI / mainstream) music production is basic problem - audio latency , or audio system latency…(to this time -Microsoft hasnt solve yet)
In coding music I am absolut beginner and dont know how important is this latency for live coding …
This is deepest manual for Windows audio tunning - I found yet…

I hope it might help somone.

That’s a great resource! Will save it for my students.

IMO it may not be necessary to optimize for the lowest possible latency for live coding. When playing a MIDI keyboard live, you need the sound to come out right now. When Tidal or FoxDot or other app is sequencing, it’s ok if the events come out later than now, as long as their relative timing is consistent. (In SC, the default event latency for pattern sequencing is 200 ms – which is outrageous for playing it like an instrument! But for sequencing it’s actually fine. Note that SC’s audio driver latency is much lower, following system configuration.)

I’ve seen a problem with Ableton Link when some Windows laptops misreported the audio driver latency – so, do pay attention to it when syncing with other machines.

Also, if you have live mic input, low latency matters then. (Higher latency becomes an audible delay.)


Hello !

And what platform U use ?
Because I have dilema about Linux / Windows… I cant afford MacOs machine ( it have specific problems too, but cost is biggest- in my view)
Linux is free/open plaftorm , but very atomized… and without complete production eviroments like reaper/ableton/ . Windows is in between -one system, various architectures and hardware…

I use Linux (Ubuntu Studio).