About Livecode NL ( NL_CL )


A pop-up space in NL for engaging with Live Coding through practice, experimentation, openess, discussion and performance.

Feel invited to join the forum to participate and to stay on top of activities, specially if you are based in The Netherlands!

Welcome :computer::coffee:


(I did not find it necessary to create a new topic for just this notification)

I gave our website a small update. A few things I changed/added:

  • Included a β€œHear and See our Works” page with a selection of youtube videos (please include more if you want).
  • Archived the meetups from 2018 and 2019 in a separate .html file
  • Included some emojis, because way better then just plain text :sunglasses:

On the github repository I included a Readme with a guide for contributing code to the website. Also included a code of conduct.


Super coool! Super great improvments!

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oh wow! thank you Timo. so great to see more of people’s work on there :slight_smile:

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