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Hosting subforums for communities in the world of live coding, whether forming around geographic locations, technologies or otherwise. If you’d like your community here, either get in contact with an admin, or add a comment to this topic, thanks!

I’d be interested in a SuperCollider community group.

Hi @les_h are you OK to be the moderator of this? Not a huge task, involves editing the intro, keeping an eye on things and (if you like) joining ‘staff’ discussions about the direction of the forum.

Sure, I’d be happy to

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Hello, we would like to create asection for Italian Live Coders. Is it possible?

Sure @sapo! It just needs a short version of the name…

I would use the same as the chat channel: “ItalianLiveCoders”

Ok it is a little long for the front page etc but I made it for now, please edit the first post here, making the first paragraph a short description::


By the way I’m making these geography-specific communities so that their latest posts aren’t added to the top level ‘latest’ page. Still not sure if that is the best idea or not.

Thank you yaxu, I will open a topic to talk about the name of the community… For the latest post, I think it is OK for now :slight_smile:

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A subforum for Portland (Oregon) live coders would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @yaxu, I would be interested in a Sema community group. Happy to take the moderator role. Thanks!

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Hi Ben, I missed this request, sorry! Would you still like a Portland subforum?

Excellent, done! Please edit this: frantic0

Thank youuuu, @yaxu! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oops wrong link, please edit this post: About the Sema category