Exploring granular synthesis

Hiya, this was fun to do and I thought it might be interesting. Using only a standard sample player with very short duration playback events and carefully set start times, it’s possible to do a form of granular synthesis:

The video includes a brief musical demo at the start, followed by a demonstration of turning normal sample playback into granular synthesis :slight_smile:

Source code from the video is here: limut/examples.txt at 04225eff3cea0218699bd91a333fdbe3ff5eed23 · sdclibbery/limut · GitHub


Nice! I like how you decomposed a short spoken phrase. Also appreciate that you provided links to the source code. But it wasn’t clear what live coding environment you are using. Is it limut?

Thanks; yes it’s Limut, sorry, I should have said!
BTW, the source code needed a minor update as there was a breaking change to some of the Limut syntax used in the visuals; the latest source code is here: limut/examples.txt at master · sdclibbery/limut · GitHub
Incidentally, I also made a dark ambient track using the same granular synthesis technique (and a wikimedia choral sample) that came out quite well: Breathe Soft - YouTube . The source for that is here: limut/examples.txt at master · sdclibbery/limut · GitHub :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. I haven’t heard of Limut. Have you thought about getting it added to the Toplap list of livecoding languages?

Breathe Soft is cool - atonal ambient. Nice.

Thanks, I’ve raised a PR to add it to the list :slightly_smiling_face: