Exploring other ways to perform live (other than coding)


So, I started using tidal a couple of weeks ago cause I felt that the super verbosity of supercollider wasn’t really doing it for me. Tidal and its ludic aproach kept me from thinking too much and aproaching things in a sort of instinctive/streamOfConsiousness way; and I <3 it.

On the other hand, I don’t really click with the idea of actually coding live in the eyes on the screen, hands on the keyboard way.
I’ve been performing using only an Akai MPKminiMKII but using bigger and gui centerer software (mainly Bitwig Studio), managing to keep the screen glances to the minimum thanks to bitwigs open controller scripting api.


So, I started writing some functions in tidal that help me achieve things like:

  • Pressing a pad/key from my MIDIController to launch/evaluate a connection(d1…16). Which could work in different ways. Like, launching the pttn “sticked” to the cycle that is running in the background, or resetting the clock when launching it (setcps(-1)?) , or maybe play a cycle using asap
  • Having this idea of set of tracks/scenes that one can “scroll” , maybe with “program change” msgs.
  • etc…


…I’m looking for some pointers at documentation / code / aproaches / pastExperiences / etcs. that can help me
Since there are several programming languages involved (tidal+haskell and also sclang) I don’t know quite the right combo, and maybe there are some pitfalls to avoid that others know of