How are you finding Tidal 1.0.x?

Tidal 1.0.11 is getting pretty mature now, and I’m guessing most have made the switch… How are you finding it? Are you finding the new operators (|+, *|, |-| etc) useful? Anything missing/broken from 0.9.x?

The new patterning of cps is my favorite new feature. I continue to find all kinds of new ways to use it and it is keeping things very interesting. My favorite thing is to make some extreme changes in cps but yet make the cycle still feel natural and have a flow. It’s hard to do but there are some sweet spots. I’ve noticed some quirks though where it doesn’t seem to work across patterns in a stack. I’ll have to show a specific example later.

I haven’t taken much advantage of the new operators yet. So much more to explore.