How do you use (neo)VIM/Emacs for live coding?

Hi all!

I am interested in learning how people use vim/emacs style of editors for live coding music.

I have the impression that the “regular” usage of vim/emacs tends to favor editing (more specifically editing multiple files without a hard time constraint) instead of creating from the scratch, which seems to be more the case in live coding music.

Does emacs/vim helps your live coding performance or does it add an extra layer of work/stress? Do you use it for displaying sonic information like gibber (giving the code a visual reactive aspect)?

Could you share some thoughts, insights, impressions and examples of configurations in your setups?

All the best!


I’ve been using scnvim for a couple of years and really enjoy it.
I’m much faster using it than the regular SCIDE.
Since you can have transparent background in the terminal I’ve just put the terminal on top of other visuals :slightly_smiling_face:

The scnvim repo contains example configs.
My current scnvim lua config is here.

I use neovim to edit Syntə listings that have already been launched. Just using with my basic .vimrc
I generally write new listings in the CLI, although there’s nothing to stop one writing listings with nvim and launching with eg. ‘reload 0’.
One thing I did do however is write a rudimentary custom syntax highlighter, because I love colours and helps identify typos. (Not published yet.) One future stretch goal would be to automate this via the documentation, but that is a low priority.