Introductions - please say hello!

Ok, lets introduce ourselves!

I’m Alex, and have been organising live coding events for a while now… Algoraves, headphone parties, conferences, festivals… But most enjoy making small, experimental events where it’s not clear what is going to happen… I’m based in Sheffield UK although work part time in Munich, Germany.


Hey, I’m Joanne. I like the notes that are coming up to my right here.

I’m Joanne, I’m based in Leeds UK. I organise things like conferences and events at work, workshops with a focus on diverse participation and concerts, listening groups and skill sharing events. I like finding unusual and playful spaces to do stuff in. I’m currently organising two way-bigger-than-my-brain things including the SXSW Algorave showcase and a feminist hackathon in Leeds called Automation and Me.


I’m Kate and I am currently based in Richmond VA. I previously lived in Sheffield UK, NYC and some other places along the way.

In NYC I was a co-founder of LiveCodeNYC and organised many Algoraves, workshops and festivals there.

Trying to start up LiveCodeRVA but it is slow going right now and mostly organising events connected to my new job at VCU.


Hola a todes ! I ‘m malitzin cortes, I live in Mexico city , I ’m artist, live coder and researcher, I organize algorithmic music events and other approaches to sound and visual experimentation, I am a professor of sound design, transmedia narratives and generative cinema. I am interested in organizing Workshops that analyze and disseminate the practice of live coding and the different aesthetic approaches in which a bifurcation begins.


Hi, I’m Gabriel from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I organise concerts, workshops and any kind of live coding related events, also love to discuss and write about it. I have an extended-bytebeat-like project and some other crazy ideas that keep me working and I’m happy to share with you.


Hi. I’m Tito. O live in Guadalajara, México. Used to live in México City. I’ve organized some international live coding events and Algoraves in México City. Also was part of the organizing commitee in 2017 ICLC in Morelia. I’m now trying to build a live coding/algorithmic comunity in Guadalajara, hope to make you part of it soon.


Hello I’m Blue (They/them).
I’ve been organising TidalCycles meet-up in London with a focus on non-mixed groups introducing women, non-binary and gender non conforming people to livecoding. I rely on notions of care in everything that I do.

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I’m Sarah, and I am in Codie with Kate (@sicchio) & Melody. I sometimes organize algoraves with Livecode NYC and I also organize other shows in Brooklyn with Melody.


Hello, I’m Charlie, and I’m helping to start up a new TOPLAP chapter here in chilly New England… we’re having our first algorave in a a couple of weeks!

Hi all! I’m Rapo, from La Plata, Argentina.

We started a live coders collective CLiC[0] (Colectivo de Live Coders), and organized events, 1 algorave, encounters, etc. Now we want to continue with that o/

We do livecoding as a duo with Flor de Fuego called c0d3 p03try[1].




Hi all, I am Valentina. I’m a sound designer based in Milan, Italy.
I am really interested in live coding and sometimes I organise workshops to introduce those who are interested to the practice and philosophy. I am co-founding the TOPLAP Italia node (it’s still a work in progress, it all started a couple of days ago…) and we hope to organise meetings, workshops, algoraves or other live coding related events.

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Hi I’m Evan, I’m from New York originally but have been in London for about 13 years now. I’ve performed music and visuals for a few decades and organised events of all sorts (the first academic!) and work at Goldsmiths University where I teach various computing things.


I’m Hernani Villaseñor. I live in Mexico City. I used to work in Taller de Audio del Centro Multimedia in Mexico City where I co-organized many live coding sessions and three International Symposiums of Music and Code called /vivo/. Nowadays I study and sometimes teach at Music Faculty UNAM. Sometimes I organize and co-organize live coding events. Best, H.


Hey everyone! I’m Abhinay, a filmmaker, musician, creative technologist from India. I’ve been involved with the experimental music, and indie filmmaking scene in Mumbai for a long while. I’ve previously lived in Birmingham, UK and now operate out of my hometown in Allahabad.

I’ve organised a couple of Algoraves in Mumbai with a close friend Dhanya Pilo (VjDecoy) and have been pushing the live coding scene in the country one tiny workshop at a time.

Hi all, I’m Julian Rohrhuber, I live in Cologne and work in Düsseldorf. We organise small seminars or workshops, mostly in the music academy. We think together, hack some experimental stuff, discuss philosophy and political issues.

If you are interested and in the area, drop me a note and come by.


Hola gente! I’m Pedro (a.k.a. Torotumbo) i’m a musician from La Plata Argentina, i teach music in schools and i started to live code several months ago. Meet @rapo some other folks and made CLiC some time ago, we organized an algorave for the birthday streaming. I also made a trip this summer here in argentina giving a few talks and live coding in some places far from Buenos Aires.

I play alone and with CLiC but i’m looking forward to play with other people (or with some robots why not?)


I’m Lina, I’m based in Barcelona, we currently work as “Toplap_Barcelona” in a center for art research and production called Hangar, we organize live coding sessions once a month and some Algoraves. We also organize workshops, meetings, festivals…

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Hola, my name is Jose Carlos, I’m a musician, audio engineer, and web developer from Mexico city, have several music projects but love to crate music and tools with supercollider. Hope you all are doing great! cheers


Hi, I’m Ben, in St Paul, Minnesota, USA. I try to help out with the local Tidal meetup and do demonstrations when I can, but would like to be better about organizing actual workshops or performances.

Hi! my name is Joana Chicau (Portuguese, based in The Netherlands) I am a graphic designer with a background in dance. In my practice I have been researching the intersection of the body with the ‘designed’ and ‘programmed’ environment. Within live coding I do performances in web environments following ‘choreographic scripts’.
I have also been participating and organizing events with audio-visual algorithmic improvisation, multi-location collaborative coding, open discussions on gender equality and activism.