Introductions - please say hello!

Greeting, everyone!
My name is Francisco. I’m a psychologist, programming student and amateur musician from Chile.

I’ve recently discovered the amazing world of live coding, and I’m so glad to have found this forum. I hope I can learn how to live coding properly and then make my own compositions.

As a musician, you can follow me on:


Best regards,
Francisco, alias c4ntaro_sinf0nico.

Hi Everyone!

I’m Daniel :slight_smile:
My interests include coding, audio synthesis, electronics and many others.

I’ve created a new synthesis based live coding language called Syntə which I will introduce in its own thread. However, you can view a short introduction here: Synte Language introduction - YouTube

Hoping to make the most of the post-pandemic world and have joined this forum to keep up-to-date with performances, algoraves, workshops, talks etc. that I might be able to attend!

My favourite author is Jason Hickel :heart:
Based in London and sometimes Sheffield
Feel free to get in touch :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m Adam Good, in Pittsboro, NC (USA), near Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham

Absolutely loving TidalCycles and it’s really jiving with how I like to stumble my way into strange patterns and rhythms, super intuitive and fun.

Made my first sketch video and hoping to make more!

Looking to jam with folks online (or locally!)

I also create indie tabletop roleplaying game stuff at



Hi there!
My name is Arnaldo and I leave in a small town in the South of Brazil (Laguna-SC).
I play musical instruments since I was a child. I became biologist and finished my PhD in Oceanography. While concluding my thesis Inhave developed a software which converts colors of scientific data into sounds (
I am an enthusiastic pythonista, and using FoxDot to perform live coding performances.


having another go at getting into live coding!
software developer by trade and contributor to open source projects.
also, amateur musician with synths.
trying (again) to combine these passions :slight_smile:

Hi Technobear!

I’ve read a lot of your responses on the Axoloti platform community!
You are a superb valid member there.
Welcome into our live coding community.

Looking forward to your interactions.


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hi, thanks for the kind words…

Im here trying to formulate a plan :slight_smile:

I want to use Supercollider as a backend (scsynth) on a ‘remote server’
but Im not so sure about using sclang as a frontend.

I know there are things like foxdot, sonicpi, tidalcycles…
but I some of these don’t appear to really support ‘remote servers’, or they require that extra software is installed on the server side… which Id prefer not to do.
(Id like to keep the scsynth side simple)

not sure, if this exists, or if I should
a) just use sclang
Im ok with things like pdef,ndef but there feel a bit terse for live coding
also feels like Id need to build up a bit of a foundation/framework
b) create my own front end environment
that just talks directly to scsynth

I guess this approach has the advantage, I will learn the environment as I build it.
but does feel like its likely to be re-inventing the wheel!

anyway so still very much open to using something ‘off the shelf’.
so really came here to see what others have done… would suggest :slight_smile:

Hi all! My name is Austin Slominski. I’m fascinated by livecoding music and visuals (although I don’t get to perform as much as I’d like!). I also like building tools of my own, I just made my own livecoding WebMIDI tool that I’ve enjoyed experimenting with. Pre pandemic I did a lot more live visuals, but haven’t had many opportunities since.

I live in Denver CO and I’ve really wanted to find a livecoding community here or try to organize some meetups. If anyone is in the area I’d love to meet up!

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hi! i just moved to los angeles — are you still in the area?

hey everyone, I’m i-go. I livecode with tidalcycles with a house/techno slant out here in SF. lurked on here for a long time but decided to finally make an account.

Hi all, I’m new here, my name is Clark Hill, I’m from Miami, decided to say hello and wish you a great mood!

Hello everyone, my name is Johan Stuijt,
Living in Amsterdam area in the Netherlands.

Since 2020 involved with SuperCollider and loving music and code.
I want to find a way to use Tidal Cycles mini-notation/functions directly inside SuperCollider and combine it with ProxySpace/Proxies.
ProxySpace is then making the ‘mix’ and the Tidal stuff triggers the sounds.

If you are interested, have a look at Tidy on GitHub. I hope this year i can start performing with it, if you happen to know some opportunity to play some cycles somewhere, please let me know :upside_down_face:


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Hi i-go, Where/when do you livecode? I’m just getting started with live coding. Are there other livecoders in northern California?

hey jamcultur, I met up with AV CLUB SF who meet and talk about anything related to live generative art and music. We put on shows too, there’s actually going to be one this Saturday at Grey Area in SF so you could scope out the whole deal if you want (if there’s a rule about self promo I can edit this post). If you’re interested dm me and I can send an invite to the discord.

Very cool! I can’t make it this Saturday, but I will be on the lookout for future events. Thanks!

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Hello, I am a beatmaker, biologist, and DJ from Maryland. I produce music as Xenon Chameleon. I started learning electronic music in 2016-ish but things really started clicking after learning Koala Sampler and Tidalcycles in 2020. I made a few tracks with Tidalcycles, SonicPi, and Orca before switching to Renoise, VCV Rack, and Reaper. I also started DJing and playing live hardware/modular sets in VR Chat using Renoise, VCV Rack, an MPD218, and a Beatstep Pro.

Now that I have some experience producing and performing with these tools, I want to get back into live coding for production and live sets. I’m especially interested in performing live at events in the U.S. in cities such as Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, Richmond, and New York.

Recently I’ve been working on PlugData/PureData patches to use alongside my current Renoise and MIDI controller setup. I want to be able to put on a live show with or without my controllers and really utilize the laptop as an instrument.

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I’m Connor [ZeroImage] I’m based in Oregon, USA. I use tidalcycles pretty casually at the moment. I’m still getting the hang of it and livecoding in general. I’m fairly familiar with hardware synths and have experience producing in ableton so it’s not like i’m jumping into this completely green to computer music. I’m studying computer science and have quite a bit of vim muscle memory built up since I’ve been using it since high school so that’s what really attracted me to livecoding as a medium. So much of it is already second nature. I have also wanted to learn lisp or one of its dialects for awhile, and this gives me a good excuse to get familiar with it.

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Hello! I’m Adam and I come from Bratislava, Slovakia. In my free time I play mainly with TidalCycles and Hydra, although Sonic Pi was the first to try. At a live coding course I discovered Estuary and Punctual, which inspired me to make my own livecoding language. Generally I love livecoding because it is more effective, without using any instruments.

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Hey, everyone!

I’m Karolis (usually going under the pseudonim ONEGIN) and I’m currently based in Kaunas, Lithuania.
I make music both with more traditional electronic instruments, daws and have been dabbling in livecoding with TidalCycles, Supercollider, Hydra for visuals and I’m mainly using Gibberwocky + Ableton right now, learning Glicol and also doing more general music oriented programming with Max/MSP, pure data and CMajor (which I use to develop physical synths).

I also organise raves, parties, events both in Kaunas and in Vilnius and run BRKNCRCTS - a label that aims to condense and promote unique musical expressions coming from Eastern Europe (livecoding and algorithmic music included).

Livecoding for me was a big big dealbreaker as, I feel, it liberated me from very structured, classical composition and also open my mind to how music can be such a fluid and multi-sensory experience.

Anyways, it’s nice to meet y’all!

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@aceslowman I’m in Denver and am interested in music/code as well :smiling_face:

Have you found any community here?
Any interest in meeting up?