Introductions - please say hello!

Hi all,

I’m Simon, based in York UK. I started using tidal a few years ago when I was researching using evolutionary algorithms in music. I’ve moved away from that a bit now but I organise electronic music open mic events here in York and use live coding in that. Recently I’ve become interested in building new instruments and I’m interested in using live coding in that context. I also help out with Wonkystuff, which puts on regular gigs for experimental music.

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Hi everyone!

I’m Max. Alias ‘Somehoax.’ I’m from Taiwan currently based in Shanghai.
I’m a music and dance enthusiast and a audio nerd so I have started my career as frontend developer not long ago. I’m using Gibber as my live coding vehicle since JS is my primary coding language.
I’m extremely excited by the Algorave concept and want to share the spirit and the vibe to wherever I live. I’m recently organizing and hosting a monthly show in SHCR, hope there’s any chance having the community connected to the show. Thanks!


Hello, I’m Vince. I live in Melbourne, AU. I’ve been into computer music (and dots-on-paper music) for a long while now, and have over the past year and a half been playing around with TidalCycles, but not very seriously. Recently I’ve started having a stronger push with FoxDot, which I am enjoying. I’m also teaching myself R (and Python), but am fairly fluent in Max/Pd and SuperCollider (and also OpenMusic for dots-on-paper stuff).

I’m not much of a go-out-er but am curious whether there’s much going on in Melbourne in the live coding world. I’m practicing with the intention of doing so, but am not there yet.

Hello. I’m Luke. I live in Manchester.

I’m fairly new to code (still at n00b level) but have been a musician for ages. Currently trying to get to grips with FoxDot before this summer code thing in Sheffield.

Also released an EP today, which did not involve FoxDot [Google ‘The Skerry Hill Earthbound’ if you’d like to listen - it’s vaguely dancey.]

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Hello all, here is Chiyou from Taipei, Taiwan. I’m interested in rave culture and computer music, that’s why I pass by here I guess.

Recently would like to share tidal or live coding stuff in our city with friends, hoping we could grow well and having fun together soon.


Hi, I’m Daniele from Venice and I live code since I don’t know when :smiley:
I’m here because I would like to get in touch with other people that make code sound …
I would like to read other people experiences with live coding both from a technical and philosophical perspective and of course I will share mine. We’ll see each other around here :wink:
My best to you all

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Hi all,
Im Tasos and I live in London (for the last 13 years I think… originally from Greece)
My education is somewhere between design, architecture and computer science so developments in livecoding fill me with excitement!

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I’m Rich, I live in Preston, UK. I happened to live in Sheffield >10 years ago (Anyone who was round back then might know where I stole my username from); though I wasn’t really involved in music or coding back then.

Musically I’ve played in bands etc for a while, mostly punk/DIY type stuff. I’ve somehow ended up being a business analyst, so I can code a bit, and hitting my 30s means I’m at home of an evening much more!

Tidal loops is what I’m starting to get into, I’m still at a tiny level but I’m learning (hopefully). Very interested in getting up to a performance level of competence; as it stands a few mates run electronic nights in town. Also interested in how tidal works in a band environment, if anyone has any experience!

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Any groups/places (fb , chats etc) for London based people?


I’m Dan. I just started using Foxdot and I’m so happy that I have found this amazing software! It is exactly what I’ve been imagining after all these years making music also foxdot is perfect as I am learning to code using Python. Oh yeah, I am based out of Jacksonville,Florida.

Thank you

I’m evan hartzell
been getting into orca and linux
los angeles, calif.
me and laura alvarez are an art group called k-blamo

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Hello all. i am shoummo from Bangladesh. i produce ambient micro stuff and a computer tinkerer .I got to know about this channel while looking for more information on ORCA since i have recently trying to figure out live coding. i use ableton and have a few drum machine and a emu emax.I run free workshops for people who are interested in the world of generative .Installations and all those things .Nice to meet you people.


Hello everyone!
We are introducing ourselves within several topics, chats, etc., so apologies in advance if you read this again :slight_smile:

We are Christian Oyarzún and Alejandro Albornoz. We’ve just started a new node in Valdivia, Chile and we are going to start with meetings, workshops and gigs soon :slight_smile:

Here we are (mostly in Spanish but soon further translation to English):

Hiiii everyone my name is Sarah and my artist name is DJ_Dave

I’ve been live coding using Sonic Pi for around 2 years now and just played my first live show last weekend. I’m NYC based and would love to connect with some other live coders that are in the area so hmu!


Welcome @dj_dave ! I saw that go past on twitter looked like an amazing show!

Hi I’m Thomas. I am currently based in Germany and mostly tinker with bits and occasionally atoms.

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Hi There Everyone!

My name is Bruce Harms, been in the creative industry for about 15 years mostly as a graphic designer, photographer, html/css, wordpress and recently started a Coder Dojo. I was also a guitarist in Orange Grove for a while and am very familiar with Pro Tools/Logic. I stumbled on SonicPi and been obsessed with it.

SonicPi does not seem popular in this forum but I am very interested in introducing live-coding to my small island of Aruba!

hi Bruce,

If you want to discuss Sonic Pi related stuff, this is the most used forum for it →



Hi everyone,

I’m Isil (Short for Isilindil).
I currently live in Lille, France but i’m from Belgium.
I discovered live coding and algorave recently (around 1 year ago).
I tried tidal cycles, foxdot and I’m currently trying sonic pi. I haven’t found the one i prefer yet.

I have no background in music (never learn an instrument), but I work in bioinformatics, and I like to code and I really like electronic music.


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Hi, I’m Ben (blinz here), may go by Plexiclass too, we’ll see :slight_smile:

Not particularly a musician. Not particularly a coder. Have long appreciated both fields. Discovered Live coding/algorave perhaps 10 years ago. My jaw dropped…instantly got it…loved it. Somehow forgot about it for many years…rediscovered it perhaps 5 months ago and I’m starting to get in pretty deep. Working with Sonic Pi right now. Have a hundred questions and a hundred ideas. Looking to make friends, become part of the community, discover and celebrate what people are doing with it, and contribute in my own way.

Hope to meet many of you. If you have a passion for this and want to chat or email sometime, I would love that !!! Here or my email: