Let's connect our OSC namespaces

Greetings. Have you implemented an OSC namespace for your system? I’d like to speak it! I’d like to implement as many of our OSC namespaces as I can find documentation for, so that I’m more likely to be able to collaborate with folks when I meet them.



Hey @craig, nice thought!
To communicate with Tidal people, one way is to send messages like /ctrl hello 0.5 to their port 6010. Tidal only listens on localhost by default, so they will need to change the oAddress setting in their BootTidal.hs from to to receive messages across a network. They could then use this value in their patterns like e.g. d1 $ sound "bd*8" # speed "^hello" or d1 $ degradeBy "^hello" $ sound "bd*8".

There’s a bit more info here: OSC | Tidal Cycles

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