Live coding a live coding language from scratch live stream(s) - any interest?

I’ve been thinking it could be fun to do a live stream where I try to re-implement Tidal from scratch, and talk through my thoughts while I’m doing it, with people asking questions or making suggestions in the live chat… See how far I get in say two hours, and see if I get any new ideas while I go. The aim wouldn’t be to come up with a complete or even functional live coding environment, but just to go through the process of (beginning to) make one.

So my question is would anyone be interested to watch this, and if so would anyone else like to join in? E.g. @charlieroberts @ojack @thor or anyone else like to do the same, or e.g. @sicchio bend the concept in a way that makes sense for e.g. algorithmic choreography?


Definitely interested to watch your stream @yaxu! I’m not sure what I would be able to contribute in a two-hour format, but will think on it. Would love to also see @thor do something with Sema / @dktr0 do a jsolang or @ojack explain/remake hydra.


Agreed a @dktr0 jsolang would be awesome! Ok I’ll see what I can do, maybe Wednesday evening UK time…

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La idea de ver un codeo desde el inicio me tiene Super interesado!

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I’m interested to watch as well, although not sure if I can watch this Wednesday. In any case following this thread.

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Interested for sure !

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I’d be interested in this @yaxu

Might be of interest to @sideb0ard too, pending TZ issues.


Ok I’m going to try for this time:

Streaming here:

Time is difficult these days so I might have to delay/postpone at short notice.


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this would be amazingggg. I hope I can make it tomorrow, would this be recorded?

Interested to watch, but this is too late in my TZ.
Using a live programming language to code a live coding language will ever more fun I think :grinning:

Ok starting in ~10 mins! Yep I’ll leave the archive up under the above youtube link unless it’s a total disaster.

Ok that was fun and I was pretty happy with the results so I’ll keep the archive up. Thanks for the people who joined me with encouragement!

Here’s the sourcecode, I resisted the temptation to fix anything but added some comments:
remake/Pattern.hs at main · yaxu/remake · GitHub

I’m happy that the ‘applicative’ instance came out very tidily, although I’m not 100% sure that it’s correct. I’ll try to find time to have a second stream continuing where I left off, maybe next week.

Anyone else fancy having a go? :slight_smile:

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Ooh, it’d be fun to do something similar in I’ll think about this.

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