Live Coding Meetups NL_CL

In the preferences under “E-mail” you can set: “Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic” to Always, that should do the trick i think.

Yes, will do! We also set up a nl_cl group in Signal once, maybe revert to using that instead? It has more group members I see.

Ah, but I’m using the TOPLAP forum’s “mailing-list mode”, so I can use a threaded mail reader that I hate far less than the forum website. :slight_smile: And with mailing-list mode enabled, that preferences page says “Mailing list mode enabled. Email notification settings are overridden.” Also email on mobile is a disaster.

Oh yes, excellent. @j.reus (heh), are you already on that? I see a “Jon” with a number ending in 83. Anyone here can make requests to me on Signal via +31 6 27 57 71 77.

Thanks again!

Hi everyone, just wondering who will be joining the meet up tomorrow?! I will prepare some warm tea : )

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I am! Not entirely sure what time I will arrive, maybe a bit after 19h30.

I will be there !
No phone ! please contact me on Email or FB messenger in case needed

Thanks for the warm tea! :slight_smile: 9292 says I’ll be there at 19:45.

Hi everyone, thanks for the inspiring meetup, got plenty new things to try out now :sweat_smile:.
So I suggested I can host the next meetup at Wolbodo.
I checked and it will be ok if nothing else is planned yet at 2020-02-25T23:00:00Z

p.s. Here’s my site with some generatives for the one’s interested:

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This was a nice meetup for sure (bit short for me sadly), and nice to meet you @Dexter. I was under the impression we were also considering on the wednesday 19th February because @KessonDalef would still be around. Otherwise 26th is fine, and also interesting to have the meetup in Delft for a change.

Same ! I had a very nice time. Thanks @JoChicau for a warm welcoming at Varia !
Not sure about February, for the moment 19 or 26 look fine to me
Cheers !

I cant host on the 19th :sweat_smile:, giving a talk here. I can do the 26th.
But it can always be another month

I’d like to be in the WhatsApp group too.



With Kind Regards,

Josep Garcés

So I checked the agenda, and it’s a possibiltiy (for the 26th of feb)

Add me to the Wapp group too please !
+31 6 83370853
Any news on the Equinox ?
Success in Limerick everybody !
All the best !

@channel (I don’t know actually how to call the whole channel) > though would be good to settle a date for February — is then 26th of Feb a good day for others too?

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I’m out of the country till March 26th but enjoy everyone! +1

I think we should keep the 26th. For me it is fine! If the location in Delft is still possible I will gladly travel, otherwise we’ll need to find an other location in short notice. @Dexter, does the location have speakers / projector we can plug the computer in?

Yes. There is a projector and PA available.

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Great. I think it would also be nice to use the meetup to share our experiences during the ICLC a few weeks ago, and maybe look back at some of the live streams and discuss some of the works we found interesting and also share the experience with those who did not attend the ICLC.

@Dexter we need the details address etc, let us know, this is what we have so far on the website:

26.02.2020: “Live Coding Meet~up :coffee: :computer: :coffee:” - 19h30-22h [@T.B.A]

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@JoChicau, I believe this is the place.

Just curious who will be present for this meetup? Can’t seem to get a good estimate based on the responses in this thread…