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Hi! Yes, as @narcode mentioned the next meetup is set for Wednesday, 27 May, 19h30 - 22h00. I added the date to the website as well.

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Hi everyone! Just a reminder that tomorrow will be our online livecoding meetup from 19h30 - 22h00 via this link:

For this meetup i’ve invited Anne to perform/try-out her piece on the CodeKlavier with the codeklavier-mercury extension that we have been working on for the past few months. This extension is one of the many extensions that are being developed at the moment (have a look at the github) to allow Anne to extend the codeklavier with another language to perform with. She will play somewhere after 20h30.

Looking forward seeing you tomorrow!

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Thanks for the reminder !

Hi all! Thanks for joining tonights meetup, really nice to catch up again and see some of your faces. The next meetup will be held on Wednesday 24 June from 19h30 till 22h00. Till further notice the meetup will be digital.


Hey all. Just a reminder that Hans Peter Riegel, Swiss curator who really loves the live coding community, will be coming throught the Hague on monday. I’d like to arrange to have lunch or an afternoon drink with him. Let me know if you’d like to join us. He’s eager to meet everyone in the NL_CL community. :slight_smile:

Hans will also be in Amsterdam on tuesday… I think @narcode was trying to organize a local meetup there as well?

True that. If the Amsterdam people would like to meet Hans on the 16th pm me.

Then I’ll arrange in more details what will happen.

Too short notice for me now to make time…



Hi all! Just a reminder that tomorrow we had planned our monthly meetup. But I just heard from @j.reus that this meetup coincides with an event from Hackers & Designers opening their online platform. I am wondering who also wants to attend that event, then I propose to reschedule the event for next week monday?

  • I attend the NLCL meetup tomorrow (24-06)
  • I prefer rescheduling the meetup to Monday (29-06)

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Hi Timo, thanks for the reminder and for spotting the parallel event. I vote for rescheduling to Monday 29th!

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@Timo thanks for the reminder !
@j.reus thanks for pointing out the overlapping events
I think it’s a good idea to reschedule.

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I was rehearsing, making takes, for the 10 minute livecoding challenge that will be streamed tonight…

But, did you meet up?


Yesterday was just me and Sebastian, haha. We had a good time nonetheless. Let’s open up a vote for the next meetup. Would be great if we could meet in real life again as well for the next meetup. So let’s also open up the discussion for some possible locations?

  • 24-07 Friday
  • 25-07 Saturday
  • 26-07 Sunday
  • 27-07 Monday
  • 28-07 Tuesday
  • 29-07 Wednesday
  • 30-07 Thursday

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I will be on holidays this month but maybe i get back by the end of july…

From the vote, it looks like we are deciding between 29th and 30th. I can make it on both dates.

It doesn’t look like we have a location. So maybe do it online once more and take the location for the next one as a discussion topic?

I think we will try an online meetup tomorrow evening. But there is also the Hybrid Livecoding Interfaces which most of us want to watch. So I propose a small meetup afterwards around 20h30/21h00 (GMT+2) when it’s finished.

Works for me. I would join.

I can make it too, I may need to leave around 22 though

Okay, lets meet at

Hi all! Thanks for the nice small online meetup yesterday. For now we’ve set the date for our next meetup to Wednesday 26 August. We’ll probably meet in Amsterdam if possible. If anything changes I’ll post it here of course!

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Hi everyone! We were planning to have the NL_CL meetup tomorrow in Amsterdam. Are we still doing this? And if so, what location? There was an idea to visit the Open Oscillator / Synth Picnic at the Tolhuistuin. If we do so, then the meetup will be less about actual livecoding and more about just drinking some beers and enjoying some electronic music on the open stage. If we want to have a more private space then I’m open to suggestions as well, but with current regulations I believe we are limited to groups of 6? (all these rules i can’t keep up)

As a last resort we can of course also do another online meetup.

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