Live Coding Meetups NL_CL

Being 9000 km away, I’m keen on the online option. :slight_smile: And doubly so since over here there’s only one rule: stay home. 'Tis the season for reviving the synchronized (but out-of-phase) remote looping project…

Hi all,

The conservatory is not allowing groups in, because of new regulations only students with approved bookings are allowed in. This means that the CvA cannot be a location until further notice. I remember there was talk of Vondelbunker, was that you @marije who brought it up?

If there is an online meeting I can come say hi and give a couple of updates, till 21 because I then have another appointment.

I’m around Amsterdam this evening so if anyone wants to check out the synth picnic, I’m up for it! Looks like a fun a event :cowboy_hat_face:

If we end up having an online meetup instead, I’ll pop in too :slight_smile:

Just receive the message that the Synth Picnic is cancelled because of the storm. @narcode, @nescivi did indeed suggest vondelbunker, but I’m not sure if we can get in on such a short notice. And maybe for such a nice place it would be good to at least organize the meetup a couple weeks (or month) in advance and also make an event for it.

I guess for tonight and with current regulations it is probably best to just have another online meetup at

I can join online today. I would also be able to join in Amsterdam, assuming we could follow the guidelines regarding group size and location, but I think an online meetup is a good solution. Anyway, what time are we meeting today?

I agree with Timo about Vondelbunker.

Hi all,

yeah, I did suggest the Vondelbunker as a possible future option, but haven’t made work of it.

I think I can briefly pop in to an online meeting, but physical meeting will be difficult. It’s a busy week here.



Okay, let’s do an online meetup:

19h30 - 22h00 at


I was introduced to live coding thanks to Timo, Saskia, Sebastian and Sabrina during live coding workshop at Amsterdam last week

So this is a bit new to me but I got really interested into what you are doing and experimenting on though.

I can participate to the meeting online this evening but if you think it would be better that I meet you at another occasion in presential I completely understand.

let me know

Good evening to you all



@komotchoto, you should definitely join if you have the time. No reason to wait :slight_smile:

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Hey all, Thanks for the nice meetup last wednesday! We set the next meetup for:

Monday 28 September, 19h30 - 22h00

I’ve contacted Fabian from CCU to see if we can have the meetup in Utrecht, a quite big space which allows us to keep distance if the group is not to big.


Hey all!

We can have our first real-life NL_CL meetup via CCU at de Havenloods in Utrecht Zuilen (10 min walking from that station).

Please let me know if you’re able to attend so we know how many people will be there. Also let me know if you’re interested in maybe presenting some works, or doing something else, so we can look into a small agenda for the meetup which potentially can also attract some other creatives from de Havenloods (and Utrehct) that are not necessarily into Live Coding (yet!).

Also this meetup is made possible by CCU en Stimuleringsfonds, because they rent the space for us. :slight_smile:

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it would be possible for me

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Nice! I’ll invite my folks of the workshop!

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By the way, I’ve been thinking to host the next meet up of October in iii ( Does someone other plans about October?

I don’t think we already made plans for the October meetup, so hosting it at iii might be a nice idea for sure. Also we have not yet set a date for that meetup either, we can discuss that at the end of the next meetup.

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Hey , since the iii agenda is getting a bit full, I would suggest here some dates for this overcoming meetup in October at iii:


Please let me know if you have an interest and/or if you can one of these days
@j.reus @JoChicau @narcode @craig @eerieear @Timo & CIA

The 28th for sure I can’t make it, and the 26th is tenuous… that week is just super intense work-wise for me and I’m going to be busting my butt finishing up multiple projects!

Hey all! The real-life meetup for this coming monday is canceled since not a lot of people could make it and I had been developing minor symptoms, (which luckily is already almost gone at the moment) but just to be safe.

I think the best plan is to host it again online, but I would actually opt for hosting it on Tuesday 29 (or Wednesday 30) if that fits you as well? For me it actually fits better in my schedule, and also I just noticed that Marije is hosting a SuperCollider meetup on the monday as well (which might be interesting for some of you!) Hopefully this message finds you before monday!

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Yes, i am hosting the supercollidermeeting at notam this monday.
If you want to connect to the norwegian supercollider scene, here is the info:

Hi all.

First of all, beterschap Timo!

Yes I agree it would be unfortunate to overlap with Marije’s Supercollider meetup. Tuesday i cannot but Wednsday i would be able to join around 19:30.